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Monsanto is the evilest corporation ever seen, they poisoned ground, water and air in entire world, they enslave farmers in entire world, they destroyed the natural seeds, poisoned our food and our bodies.

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Monsanto salted our Earth. Lets salt their graves.

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China is a corporation

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The author of the article implies Bayer are the good guys "cleaning house" holy crap its bullshit, they are complicit to the bone and bougth Monsanto for cheap of course fully knowing the comming legal trouble this is not that new.

Now they get to "clean house" and guess what they keep the Intelectual Property and many other juicy assets maybe???

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That's exactly what they're doing, Bayer gets to say "it wasn't us" and avoid future culpability, and they get to keep all the intel gathered by Monsanto's personal army, which is likely full of competitor information and political blackmail/wet works. Like Blackwater rebranding into XI then Academi, but essentially staying the same organization.

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Wet work” intimidation / assassination teams that were directed to threaten violence and / or carry out direct violence against “enemies” of Monsanto, including the targeting of innocent family members

Huh. Thats fucked up.

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That's a Capitalist company for you. This is what an unregulated free market will yield (monopoly + something that leads to someone breaking your knees for being competition or daring to use their competition's products) 100% of the time.

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Bullshit, we're far from an unregulated or free market. Companies like this own the regulators and the government. This kind of shit is only possible because nigger kikes get control over the monetary supply.

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This happens when your politicians are legally corrupt via "lobby".