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Start shooting them before they reach the border.

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Orange bastard

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Its a good thing that there is such thing as unlimited resources. Seriously though we should audit these pro immigration faggots and see who's their daddy.

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Lets run some numbers. At 5,500 / Day that is:

2,007,500 / Year

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2,007,500 x avg lifetime cost of $70,000 = $140,525,000,000

Not counting the 25 Americans killed per day by illegals, nor their 40% of all federal crime stats... Not counting the amount to jail them, or the damage to the economy. And also, these are all new illegals...

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I thought Trump was gunna fix this. It's only gotten worse under his feckless leadership. Trump voters were swindled just like every company he has ever dealt with. The man is a con artist and Trump voters were stupid enough to fall for it.

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I was hoping too. Turns out he was selected - not elected - because he has close ties to Israel & he's necessary for their prophecy to be fulfilled. Migrants flooding all western civilization is part of that plan.

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They chose a reality star to keep the masses distracted. I think we would have been better off if they chose another reality star, Ozzy.

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