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Once we've imported millions of Muslims to replace us they'll help get gender relations back to normal and put women in their place. Then we can finally reproduce at well above replacement rates! And by we I mean the people who will be replacing us obviously.

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The white ones you'd want to be having kids are actually having lots of them from what I see. In fact, many are aware of the great replacement so they're having 5+ kids.

It is only the brainwashed ones who go abroad, get massive debt and never get married. This is based on the family members and neighbors I've seen.

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This number doesn't tell the truly horrifying tale of what is going on. The breeders are the blacks and Hispanics with low intelligence and poor educations. The breeders are single mothers on welfare and illegal immigrants. Intelligent, white, Christian, educated, high IQ Americans are breeding at a much, much lower rate. Whites are committing assisted suicide, with the help of the Jew-run media and Jew-control of the schools and the election process.

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Overall, why would it be in the interest of the US population to remain at it's overpopulated state? Underpopulation isn't the problem.

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IS it overpopulation, or overpopulation of inferior people?

Look at auroville india, a white commune. They replanted a forest that was removed 300 years ago, and turned wasteland into forest. the curry niggers simply walked along hot earth, never once considering that they could replant the trees.

Look at what rodhesia accomplished, vs what zimbabwae squandered. Look at what south africa was, and what it is now.

If all the blacks in the world were to die off tonight? would you notice? I would, because crime, poverty, and disease would vanish overnight. It would be a net improvement on a massive scale.

It is not overpopulation that is the problem, it is inferior people.

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The rate dropped when MERCK started pushing the GARDASIL vaccine. It causes infertility and miscarriage. Then if that doesn’t do you in here’s a flu shot. For good measure. The CDC, FDA , big Pharma commie scientists all want us dead. Search the VAERS data base is the government will still let you.

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problem is not enough men who earn enough to raise a family

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except for the ones whos career is having babies

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american is not an ethnicity, so the data is meaningless

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