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Imagine a man who is young, and healthy, and strong. But he refuses to work or acquire any skills. That's just too much effort. He refuses to help when something heavy needs lifting. That's just beneath him. He would never raise his fists or take up arms to defend his family, friends or his people. He doesn't owe them anything. Instead, he plays video games, and paints his fingernails, and puts on dresses, and prances around all day. Because that's what he feels like doing.

What would you think of such a man? How would you treat him?

What a vile and pitiful creature. Selfish and crude. Not even worth calling a man.

Imagine a woman who is young, and healthy, and fertile. But she refuses to build a family and bear children. That's just too much effort. She refuses to cook and clean and make a home worth fighting for. That's just beneath her. She doesn't even consider her duty to give life to the next generation and ensure the survival of her people. She doesn't owe them anything. Instead, she seeks a career, and insists on joining all the boys' clubs, and puts on pants, and fucks around with a new man every weekend or more. Because that's what she feels like doing.

What should you think of such a woman? How should you treat her?

What a vile and pitiful creature. Selfish and crude. Not even worth calling a woman.

Treat them with passive disdain to outright contempt for their selfish and disgusting behavior. Ridicule them mercilessly when they hit the wall and inevitably morph into miserable spinsters. It won't fix them; too late for that.

But the next generation of young girls growing up will get the message.

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This was the natural consequence of the spirit of materialism and hedonism. It's what happens when people don't have a higher thing than themselves to live for.

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I "date" often. just to see the reaction i say "im looking for a lady who aspires to be a good wife and mother"...

most get offended.


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There aren't real women around. If you marry a cross dressing career woman, you're faggot.

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My wife and I were never planning to have children. We hated the 'clown world' and didnt want to make kids suffer this existence. Science was my gods at the time and murdering that unique genetic code was unacceptable to me.

Luckily, fate made us choose and I'm prochoice for thee, not for me.

Kikes, Niggers, and their devotees kill their ancestors in utero.

Good people dont get abortions.

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It’s true. How fuckin weird is it to kill your own kid. They say it’s not killing. Yea ok but you’re stopping a life from taking place. You’re stealing every would be memory. A lot of the lefts Logic is “they won’t feel it it won’t know etcetc” So I would reply so it’s ok to shoot people in the head while they’re sleeping? Their logic is so fuckin fail. I’m pro abortion of niggers though

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The logic is awful because there is none. There is no way they can get past what it is.

its not human

Genetically it literally is. And in that case killing pregnant women shouldnt be double murder

women have a right to not be pregnant

And She can achieved that through not being a slut. The life of a fetus born from no choice of their own should trump that of a woman who cause the fetus to be born with her own actions

its a parasite

  1. It literally fucking isnt. Parasites are of different sprcies

  2. Okay then, via that logic with siamese twins the stronger one should be allowed to kill the weaker one as they are a parasite directly replying on their body.

Thats why the default is anti women, anti womens rights as a come back. They know its murder and have no way to defend it. I despise them.

Obviously agree on the nigger bit though.

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My wife and I never planned on having kids either. We made a choice to back of our drinking because we were getting a little on the high end of "normal" BMI. Pregnant almost immediately. Fortunately I have a well paying career, and already owned a house. We refinished our spare bedrooms and had 2 kids 14 months apart.

I don't particularly like kids. I love my kids, but I probably won't like yours. I am ok with this. I am raising my kids for their time, just as my parents raised me for mine. Their time is a time where fat people are dominant and American consumerism is at an all time high. We homeschool and teach conservative values. A byproduct of teaching financially conservative values is the concept of not over consuming. That leads to the importance of taking care of your body. I am hoping to make my children social leaders who invest their money instead of buying a new iphone every year.

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kill their ancestors in utero

Ancestors are the people who came before you, descendants are the people coming after you.

You can't kill your ancestors in utero, they were adults while you were in utero.

If you're gonna argue it at least use the right words.

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Well in germanic paganism the person in utero is a reincarnation of one of your worthy ancestors, so it's right in that respect. Though I don't know if he meant it that way.

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Operational definition for reincarnation

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And I would say this is a big pillar in Western Civ. Evil in Christianity is described as being the abscence of Good and Good comes from God's grace. That's why this is so important; we are made explicitly in God's image and then we quickly gained Free Will. It is our ability to consciously observe and experience this shared reality while still making logical and reasonable decisions that spreads Good throughout the Earth.

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You misogynistic asshole! Don't you know sitting in an office making shitty powerpoint presentations is much more empowering and noble than literally creating life and propagating your own species?

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Ask any mother what do you mean to your boss; what do you mean to your child? The contrast is so great the question itself is absurd, yet women are prioritizing careers. It's so sad.

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Yeah, but they have been demoralized now. There is no cure. They are lost. We have to worry about the next generation.

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What do you know? All the places with the lowest birthrates are strongholds of liberalism and hedonism. Who would of thought that?

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Or intelligence. The more intelligent women and men are, the less likely they will reproduce. That leaves the rest to multiply like bacteria.

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More like intelligent people don't want to have kids until they're financially secure and able to provide for the kids, while dumbfucks just keep pumping out kids from a new daddy every time. The kicker is that the smart people can't afford to have kids because they pay so much in taxes, taxes which go to feed and support the dumbfucks and their "families".


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Or intelligence.

No, I'm pretty sure the anti-family brainwashing plays a bigger role than intelligence. "Intelligent" women presumably attend college where they are bombarded with feminist propaganda that tells them being a mother is beneath them and holds them back from achieving their true potential.

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It is statistically proven that as education level increases, birth rate decreases.

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I sadly live in one of those liberal strong holds. Despite what so many say about the Northeast being a place where so many people are educated and smart, I day in and day out deal with the stupidest motherfucking you'll ever meet. I'd like to meet these so called "smart" people.

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According to the last paragraph of the article, this was (((unexpected.)))

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Right right. Except they documented their plans 70 years ago. I can't stand those kikes http://magaimg.net/img/7r3d.jpg

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Hey mr. Cow can you shit in my back yard so I can have an unlimited supply of mushrooms? Thanks mr.cow

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The most irritating thing is that even wahmen's "career" itself is an utter bullshit at best. Women not only waste their fertility, but also contributes NOTHING by their so-called "career" itself.

Kikes completely fucked up every education system. Smart, intelligent white boys with great potential have been systematically discriminated and abused, and dropped out for decades. Meanwhile literally almost EVERY fucking scholarships are going to women, niggers, etc. Tests and scores are extremely biased against boys. I can go on and on for infinite more topics, but you get my point.

Women's career is an utter bullshit. First of all, their 'degree', 'test scores', or any other (((certificates))) given by any (((authorities))) are nothing more than a meaningless papers given free to them for the purpose of decreasing white population. Second, that free brainwashing which is given to women by taxpayer(read: white men) are highly expensive, but they contribute nothing to society by their so-called "career". Their "management position" or any other "career" itself is unearned things in the first place, which would have went to men if this was free society. Not only that, but also women in workplaces are extremely incompetent at best, and highly detrimental to overall productivity. Women in workplaces are not even zero productivity. They are net negative, severe net negative for productivity. I'm not even including the opportunity cost(fertility) now.

This book explains everything I said perfectly. Men have 8-9 points higher average IQ than women, and this average gap intensifies(14-15 points) in STEM field related part. And of course, men have much higher standard deviation. The result is this. I won't say about physical difference, because anyone with half brain would know that.

The only way women can contribute to society is by living traditional wife's life, and only women can do it. It's better for men, it's better for women, it's better for everyone except kikes.

edit: Here's the book's epub file download link.

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Pornography and low T is playing a role too.

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Pornography is intended to destroy Western culture.

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The Jews spam porn billboards at Palestinian mudslides too

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Ostracize barren, unmarried women.

How are you supposed to do that if theyre allowed to vote?

If you try to ostracize them, they will vote for a jew who promises to make ostracism illegal.

In order to solve every single of west's late-stage-civilizational problems, WE HAVE TO END DEMOCRACY FIRST.

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Germany's is even lower than Japan's. The difference is immigration, the west can pretend there is no demographic crisis

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If the people being imported refuse to work then the demographic criss in the West is worst than in Japan. People without money who retire at 16 count as dependants.

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