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Emotional children. They really can't exist in polite society as it stands now. And probably never. Fucking ridiculous. I asked myself logistically if it's possible to get them back to Africa. And than realized if we as a country were able to achieve the Berlin Airlift than we could probably do this as well. It'll definitely take long and cost more. But think of the end result.

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Emotional children

And permissive parenting, in this case the State. This is compounded by Affirmative Action and disparate impact legal claims. You can see those in action by the emptying prisons for "nuisance" crimes because they more greatly affect one group. Same for gun crime prosecution. The majority of this leniency can be traced to one group of politicians and their backers.

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Vegas here. That would be STEVE WOLFSON our DA. He took massive money to prosecute self defense with a gun shooting cases from (((Bloomberg))) while letting our blacks run feral expecially on busses. My friend who takes the bus talks about this sort of thing DAILY. This thing had two other battery cases and she is 25!

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It would be economically cheaper to isolate white people into enclaves. Now honestly ask yourself how likely that is to be allowed. (((They'll))) never let us have even that. So we can drop any fantasies about shipping anyone anywhere much less executing them like @smokeymeadow naïvely suggests.

America seems to be a Israeli slave state, shakled by media and cheap Chinese junk. America did it to itself

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I have a better idea.

Lets spend money to encourage educated and well established people to open carry pistols on them 24/7 and have encouragement to act as "responsible citizens" and are given training/etc.

Introduce our own "Vaccine" of armed trusted citizens not "policing" but being able to respond to crime that they see effectively.

Yes, black people would get armed (they already could be), but it would be the cream of the crop and the right people we would want to protect anyways.

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We did, too. Good analysis

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Bullets are cheaper.

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Indeed. But honestly, I dont want to kill 35 million people. I just want them away.

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Eh, quality hollow-point 9mm is nearly 50 cents a round. I'd rather the fuckers shoot themselves with their Tec-9's.

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Hell, Lincoln and others supported a plan to ship freed slaves back to Africa or Haiti or anywhere else. I wished that plan was carried out.

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Your right, I seem to remember this. I don't think he was a huge fan. Do you know what Lincoln said after coming off a 3 day drunk? "I freed who?"

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"Could you be nicer to other people?"

<Kills man>

I guess not.

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Around blacks, never relax. I live in a city where interacting with niggers is a regular occurrence. About 70% of them are tolerable, in passing. But never, ever do I let my guard down when I leave the house. They’re like dogs off a leash; No matter how well trained, they’re still dogs.

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They also do a lot of shitty singing and dancing in public, even if completely alone. How vibrant.

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Dude I never got this. I like music, I love it. But I'm not going to shuffle around the sidewalk like some spastic autist just because my favorite song is playing.

Its like their bullshit rap/hiphop/whatever is their identity. They have to SHOW you that they are INTO it for some fucking reason. I could personally care less. Like fucking children, man. "LOOK AT MEEEEEEEE"

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Noise, disruption, trespassing, vulgarity, stink, dirt, filth, vandalism, in-your-face antics -- that's almost worse than the violent crimes they commit.

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Don't forget beating on any hard surface like they were drums.

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or ask you to donate to their CLEARLY fake youth basketball team. Or rape your women. How diverse!

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You better believe it.

I had the misfortune of being in a bar in the afternoon near the business district of an "urban paradise". Even with suits on, those motherfuckers are completely retarded. And that was before they had a few drinks in them.

Suffice to say I got my shit done and got the fuck out of there. I hate obnoxious Nog assholes.

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And their breath always fucking smells. Always.

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You know who were talking about, too. We're not talking about the nice men and women in their 50s-80s in their Sunday best sharing jokes and making friends with strangers. Black folks can be your best friend when then want to be.

We're not talking about the suburban intact black family that rolls around in a Mercedes SUV to fit all three kids and their band instruments.

We're not talking about your personal fitness instructor, Augmented Reality developer, Health Care billing accountant, or Jazz teacher.

We're talking about single black mother's and their Hell spawn.

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Racial segregation is the answer.

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I’m pretty sure his death solidified that he will be voting dem next election.

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Exactly. He was a fool for trying to reason with the unreasonable.

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Actually I hear the democrats have cornered the zombie demographic...

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I guess you missed the religious part.

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Stories like this make me wish AIDS accomplished its intended purpose.

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Avoid "public transportation". More like avoid wild animals.

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The nogs in my town buy an all day pass for 3.50 and ride the bus all day drinking vodka. Buses have power and a/c. Nigger homes don't. Paying a utility bill be racist n sheeit.

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Liberals never address the elephant in the room e.g niggers when asking why don't more people take public transportation.

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Jesus Christ. No wonder why major cities are dying

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