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To be fair, the couple that ate the Marmot no longer have any health concerns so that part of the folk remedy turned out to be true.

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i love positive people. always an upside!

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Who the fuck eats raw marmot? There's a reason we cook our food, and it isn't about the taste.

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Cook yer' meat!

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C'mon - marmot sushi is THE best.

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what a smart ancient tradition packed with uncolonized knowledge. shame they cant tell us more of their ways

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Play stupid games...

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Mongoloids are smart!

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We have that where I live!

"Fleas near a popular hiking trail outside Flagstaff, Arizona have tested positive for the bubonic plague. The insects were found in prairie dog burrows in Picture Canyon. State officials warned visitors and residents to avoid contact with prairie dogs."

[–] lord_nougat ago 

I guess we better not eat their fleas, either!

[–] BordelonLoop ago 

don't forget about the hanta virus. beware of many rodent droppings. get out the AO.

[–] odinist ago 

Keeping it within a domestic..eh...that's not legal either, Dude...

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