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Bah. I want the opposite. Increase the number of trannies via quota and lower the passing conditions to accept literally anyone. I want huge hairy gorillas with their big nasty cocks flopping out of their pink sports-bloomers competing against the dainty princesses who voted for all this progressive shit to look good on social media.

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dainty princesses who voted for all this progressive shit

Those who voted for this shit never participated in any kind of sport.

[–] Overdriver 4 points 12 points (+16|-4) ago  (edited ago)

It's not the participants who are voting for this. I for one don't want my daughter competing in sports with mentally unstable men / boys.

...I bet you do like watching big, hairy gorilla cocks though. Fag.

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60÷ of women voted for hillary. ~50÷ of white women did.

Look at europe, Afd and similar parties have mostly male voters and leftliberal ones more female voters.

But who knows how the participants voted. Athletic people tend to be more right leaning after all.

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That's like saying America deserves to be cucked because they voted in a nigger for 8 fucking years.

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Unfortunately it won't stop there and it will permeate society like a virus infecting every facet of gender specific organizations. As hilarious as it is to watch women shake in their boots now that their gender specific ideologies are being torn down the way men's have for the past 3 decades, we should rally to their aid to shore up our ourselves.

[–] Diarrhea_Van_Frank ago 

Why? Women are stupid. Let them get what’s coming to them. They won’t actually learn anything, but it’ll be cathartic to watch.

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Discrimination! This is not allowed.



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That's easy, just give transgenders their own category. Men's records, women's records, transgender's records.

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transgender's records

So men records on steroids.

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This is literally the most fair option, yet they still scream discrimination as they not only want to be a woman in their own eyes, but have that claim uncontested by everyone else. Pure delusion, and if you don't agree and actively support it you're a biggot. Fuck that nonsense haha

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That's actually exactly what that organization plans to do. It's the only thing that makes sense.

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I went full circle like a liberal. I started out no racism then I went a little then I went more and more then I went where I love mass murderer then I kept goin and now I’m starting to hate white people cause they’re so fucking AHHHHH THEYRE SO FUCKING SCARED TO EVEN TALK FUCK. FUCK YOU HONKEYS YOURE A DISGRACE

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[–] KingHiss ago 

Shut up nigger.

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Can't argue there. All this shit has happened on our watch.

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The picture of the male wrestler choking the girl makes my fucking blood boil. Where the fuck are the people who should be defending their daughters from these lunatics and their right to participate in sport without dealing with this weird shit?

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defending their daughters

What if they voted for this?

Women vote by far more left-liberal than men. Instead of white knighting them I say let them enjoy their left-liberal clown world utopia.

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They dont need defending, they stronk woman now.

[–] Overdriver ago 

The ones who think this have no male role models to know the difference between men and women. If you grow up around cucks and faggots you don't know any better. Let's not reinforce this idiocy through passivity and compliance just because we are men, it effects us too.

[–] cvzex ago 

She was a nigger so I don’t really give a shit

[–] OrdinaryFaggot ago 

I think it's funny, but I respect all wahmen like a good boy.

[–] Overdriver 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 


that is not a woman and these people supporting this are completely fucking insane.

[–] Flirp ago 

Yup, also he should've popped more pills because his adams apple is being quite resilient.

[–] MarauderShields ago 

It's not a woman, it's a Maaaa'am!

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We're all equal. Let's just stop rewarding people for being more talented than I am K? I should fly the plane if I want to. Those certificates they issue to pilots are discriminatory

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Does this mean I get a turn at being a heart surgeon?

Because I really shouldn't.

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As long as you have something that qualifies you as an idiot. Idiots are equal to geniuses now. Kill all the geniuses.

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Good, I'm glad they told this guy to fuck off.

[–] Maroonsaint 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago 

bringing equality full circle ⭕️ soon we can start hitting them again. ITS A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE

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No, he earned it- give it to him! He's playing by the feminists rules after all.

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Yes ! All these people complaining supported da gays' "rights".

Now they don't like those "rights" anymore.

Fuck 'em.

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Thank God they came to their senses about this.

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