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Remember that no one besides actual law enforcement can legally detain you. If these guys stop you or even block your path, it's false arrest.

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and you should shoot them until they are dead.

You should do that anyway.

What the fuck is everyone doing?

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They will shoot back. Make no mistake, these "unarmed" sharia patrols will absolutely be armed. Possibly better than you.

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Fucking dolphins!

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Lol. It's NYC, only criminals and elite have guns.

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No citizen arrest?

Can't you arrest them if they assault you?

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Citizens arrest can only be applied in circumstances where a felony has been committed (or is suspected to have been committed). Simple assault is a misdemeanor, however impersonating an officer of the law is indeed a felony. But, this is a tricky legal area. Proceed with caution.

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You can be detained if the person detaining you has witnessed you committing a felony. You can also be detained by a licensed Peace Officer, which is like a state sponsored quasi cop with police powers. Like Campus Police, etc.

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In other words, any of you goys get out of line and open your mouths to a muslim, you will be arrested for hate crime hahaha Shaloms goy weaklings

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Noseberg, you forgot your little Star of David emoji at the end of your comment!

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Fuck!! All is lost oy vey✡️

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They must’ve changed shifts when this was posted. It’s hard work, but the JIDF keep people on around the clock to keep the subversion flowing freely.

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In this case I think the Jews will also be the victims of the sharia police.

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Muslims are our cousins. They won't mess with us jews. We work togetha to mess with the white goys.

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Didn't POTUS recently say that sharia law will never be in America? Guess NYC doesnt count?

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Jew York City has probably seceded from the United States and become part of Israel without anyone's knowledge.

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I don't think NYC counts as America any more

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Yet another thing he's either lied or been wrong about

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No. He simply has delegated enforcement of law to the military who will choose the time and place. That's how it's done in war.

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There is a jew patrol in Brooklyn as well.

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Other people's. Don't you dare mess with THEIR'S...

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Here comes the "No go" zones.

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Same city, kikes have the same thing, even their own ambulances that are only for kikes...Muzzies are always a few steps behind but do the same shit. No one complains about kike only services and patrols but some muzzies do it in a kike owned city and everyone looses their minds.

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sharia cops..

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I can already tell what is their M.O

  1. Harass a white person
  2. Harass them until they start fighting back or even insult them.
  3. Call the real police to report a hate crime and reveal they had body cams all along.
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