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lol, checks all the boxes.

"Loved education" - Check

"He was a good/funny guy" - Check


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"Dindu nuffin."

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True and funny but...

MULTIPLE YEAR OLD NEWS ruins voat v/News!

The OP accidentally posted this old VIDEO in v/News

There is a better default top level subverse called v/Whatever

v/Niggers is also very active

This old news belongs in v/Whatever or else it ruins the value and usefulness of voat if too many old classics pollute v/News

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"how else he 'posed to git his muunney?"

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he could just sell drugs like every other nigger.

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He had goals.

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Yep. Getting high and chasing coal burners most likely.

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It checked so many boxes it almost sounds fake. I guess hood rats really believe this stuff. White people are prey and any time they defend themselves the dead dindu's relatives ask why did he have to shoot him? He shoulda just waited for the police. Like that guy in Chicago being beat by two black guys and other blacks were filming it. When the white guy's gun comes out it's just "Noooooo!"; before that pretty quiet.

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Got a link to that vid?

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lol this nigger is burglarizing multiple homes and after he gets lead justice his dumb nigger sister says she doesn't care if she had her gun license & rights, it was way beyond the law.

cause burglarizing multiple homes is definitely within the confines of the law.

nigger stupidity is consistently astounding.

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Wonder if this city will start decriminalizing nigger actions like they have in others.

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its illegal to stop a black guy from fucking your wife without her permission you RACISSS BIGEET HOMOOOPHUUBE

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These people are fucking retarded.

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Why are these people even given air time? Why are they allowed on air?

This will just legitimize this is into some sort of debate over who 'the real victim wuz.'

Lets be clear, it's not a debate.

One more dindu goodified.

God bless lead.

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Stupid niggers

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if we keep shooting them for nigging, it doesn't matter 2 shits what the news says anymore. the point will get across.

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And remember, when the cops question you be sure to respond over and over again with: "I was afraid for my life." Kike lawyers will have a very hard time getting past that statement.

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An interesting theory. We should do EXTENSIVE testing to prove it.

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Are there any other kind?

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Nope, just niggers.

Nigger by itself implies stupidity. Saying stupid niggers is like saying something like run quickly.

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Good point 👌

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His family claims, stupid people tryna protect they poperty.

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More proof that these absolute idiots are NOT able to function within an actual civilization.

Ffs, just look at history!!! Never did Africa have a civilization within any of its countries / territories that was homemade by some nignogs and dindus and yosheekas.

So just IMAGINE what the fuck is going on here. Each newly born niglet is being forced into a society it does NOT possess the ability to function in. Literally , the abilities in their minds, the same ones that would have eventually helped them create their own civilization at some point in history, are NOT there.

Its unfair of us to allow them to breed within an environment they are incapable of working and living in, as functional members.

Ffs, the slave masters purpose bred slaves to be dimwitted, lack drive and ambition and to live within the limited confines of their slave duties. The majority of blacks today in America are the ancestors of slaves who were purposely bred to basically be stupid but good at simple manual labor (and breeding more niglets for the slave master, but even the slavers then knew they had to control the population growth as they are like rabbits, without care of available resources.), and these same people today are expected to function in a much more advanced civilization.

Ofcourse we will have problems!!! You can not just mix any colors you want and create a pretty picture. Yes, it will be a picture/painting but it will literally look like shit.

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Ffs, the slave masters purpose bred slaves to be dimwitted, lack drive and ambition and to live within the limited confines of their slave duties.

I doubt that, you do not have to selectively breed Africans to think and behave like Africans.

[–] KimBellend ago 

It is certainly the case, however, that for millennia the African continent had an economy based on slavery and cannibalism. I guess that anyone with a shred of human empathy would have done poorly in such a system.

So that explains a lot about niggers.

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Love how his own cousin says of his criminality, "He's a nigger, what do you expect".

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How soon until the home owners go to prison over it on a regular basis? It already happens sometimes if the shooter made the most minor of missteps. The police look for reasons to jam up the homeowners defending themselves in many places.

[–] captainstrange ago 

The police

Liberal judges and prosecutors. Nice try though.

Police are naturally hostile, they're selected and trained to be. Toward everyone. Not merely gun owners that rightfully defend themselves in their own home.

It already happens sometimes

It does, but not as often as you have been lead to believe. There is a concerted effort to discourage people from defending themselves, to cast fear, uncertainty, and doubt on self defense, and create the misleading belief that it's not only frowned on to defend yourself, it "may or MAY NOT be legal" to protect your life and property.

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Already happening in South Africa.

We'll share their fate if we allow communism to thrive in America.

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. . . and nothing of value was lost.

This is the sort of feel-good pick me up story that really puts a smile on your face.


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Ammo can be expensive

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Only 1 round fired.

She was accurate

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Would you complain if you had to use one round this way? I think I'd consider it money well spent, personally.

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