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If everyone else gets to play this bullshit game, why not us as well?

I see you have crossed a threshold of thought. Welcome to reality; glad to have you.

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You're going to live in a third world country if white people don't have the right to exist in their own country. Thinking you can play politics without considering identity is just stupid. It's actually irresponsible, because the world doesn't work blind of identity, how you'd like it to. Time to wake up.

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You will never be free of having to deal with identity politics until all those who practice indentity politics are physically removed from the political collective to which you belong.

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"Omar went on to emphasize that she was a “refugee” and an “immigrant” from Somalia, which she said Trump would call a ‘shithole country’."

It IS a shithole country! Why else is she here, claiming to be a refugee? What was she fleeing from? Nobody is immigrating TO shithole countries.

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Never mind trump, most Africans would consider Somalia a shithole. When people who live in mud huts and whose womenfolk have to walk miles every day with litres of water on their heads regard somewhere as a shithole then you better believe it’s a shithole.

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And yet there are idiots who defend Somalia not being a shithole, despite having never been there themselves. Or in the case of fucking pieces of shit like Ilhan Omar, they know it's a shithole, but will only point out the fact someone else said it. If anyone was brave enough to call her out for that bullshit, you could catch her accidentally agreeing it's a shithole too.

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lol if somalia isnt a shithole then i dont know what is

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They have their own countries and want ours too. They want ours because they're better countries, but they don't realize the countries are better because we make them better.

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The only reason she still has a voice is, because she is doing her part. Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia;lol blaming white Christian culture. Some cultures are better than others! Stand together and don't allow this filth enter your households. Strong family with Christian values is our future.

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I mean she's not wrong. This will be a new Brazil, we're not far off

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Holy shit... I hate her voice nearly as much as what she's saying. She pauses forever in the middle of sentences and then puts an inflection on the end. If what she was saying wasn't so retarded I would say she was being fed lines.

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She pauses forever in the middle of sentences... If what she was saying wasn't so retarded...

These two statements are correlated.

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She actually said this? She also took the oath of office on a koran, from what I understand. What does it say in there about infidels? Infidels being all non-muslims. She has no business in American politics.

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We've enslaved them once boys, we can do it agian

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