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Well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state.

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And what are we going to do about this?

Watch more sportsball and drink more beer?

Or are we finally going to shoot back?

Maybe we ought to arrest and hold some of these politicians and enforcers - in Minecraft, of course.

EDIT: Better yet, publish all of the details on the governor’s kids and grandkids. Make sure the public at large has every detail about them. And make sure the governor knows this is because of his actions here.

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I wish there were another option, but the fact is we have reached the point where we have no choice but to put down the tyranical government. It also seems to be what (((they))) want. Which scares the fuck out of me.

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No we will keep talking about how our inaction is some sort of good strategy.


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Better suggestion - a string of petty lawsuits against the FBI.

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Yes, bring down the pos governor and AG. These filth crashing our country's doors are picking off Americans one by one. And now they bring Ebola into our country??? Trump's hands are tied. Men in the lower states are one day soon going to flock down there in such large numbers NM will require the Natl Guard to confront them. Then we'll see if Trump cares to act.

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"Impersonating an employee of the US" "impersonate an officer"

These con artists are trying to weave a web of deceit to misguide the libtards that militia need to pretend to be anything other than what they are.


2013 New Mexico Statutes Chapter 31 - Criminal Procedure Article 4 - Extradition Section 31-4-14 - Arrest without a warrant. (1937)

31-4-14. Arrest without a warrant. (1937) The arrest of a person may be lawfully made also by any peace officer or a private person without a warrant upon reasonable information that the accused stands charged in the courts of a state with a crime punishable by death or imprisonment for a term exceeding one year, but when so arrested the accused must be taken before a judge or magistrate with all practicable speed and complaint must be made against him under oath setting forth the ground for the arrest as in the preceding section [31-4-13 NMSA 1978]; and thereafter his answer shall be heard as if he had been arrested on a warrant.

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What they gloss over and don't mention, is that illegals HAVE NO RIGHTS guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States. A well armed militia, provided for in the Constitution, is repelling a foreign invasion.

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EXACTLY!! Do it the right way, take photos of their crossing (catch them in the act) !

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The blood of tyrants, being necessary to water the tree of Liberty

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“Masked militiamen are the antithesis of what a free republic looks like,”

Masked militiamen are what a nation under siege looks like.

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Masked militiamen literally created the United States as a free republic.

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Very true, it's a sign of freedom, not slavery. Wtf are these people thinking.

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Masked militiamen are the antithesis of what a free republic looks like,”

I might agree, were this still a free republic

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It's going to be

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Oh I bet Trump will save this guy for sure. I bet Trump will be right there for him, just like he was for schlomo shekelberg who was running a massive slave factory of illegals.

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He might make a mean tweet! That will sure get everyone to settle down again!

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After he helps out Assange I'm sure he'll solve this problem.

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great point. now teach that to boomers..

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His lawyer will have a field day with the FBI malicious prosecution... IF there were no other laws broken.

Citizen's Arrest is 100% legal, and justifiable.

United States

In the United States a private person may arrest another without a warrant, for a crime occurring in their presence. For which crimes this is permitted may vary state by state.[77]

Common law

Most states have codified the common law rule that a warrantless arrest may be made by a private person for a felony, misdemeanor or "breach of peace".[78] "Breach of peace" covers a multitude of violations in which the Supreme Court has included a misdemeanor seatbelt violation punishable only by a fine. The term historically included theft, "nightwalking", prostitution and playing card and dice games.[79]

State statutes

California Penal Code section 837 is a good example of this codification:

  1. A private person may arrest another:

For a public offense committed or attempted in his/her presence. When the person arrested has committed a felony, although not in his/her presence. When a felony has been in fact committed, and he or she has reasonable cause for believing the person arrested to have committed it.

That is all the authority an American needs to detain a criminal until law enforcement officers can be summoned to the scene.

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Ah, yes, but it becomes apparent that a criminal is no longer defined by a law and the transgression thereof, but the willingness of the authorities to prosecute said transgression.

Recent decisions by the Dallas and (I believe) Boston DAs not to prosecute theft undrr a certain limit illustrates this.

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Crossing the U.S. Border outside of a formally designated checkpoint is a federal felony.

A Citizen's Arrest is valid, and justified.

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Seems like you didn’t even read the article where it explained why the FBI arrested him. Did you happen to read about what they pulled out of their asses to use to arrest him?

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I read why they arrested the 64 year old for a felon illegally possessing a firearm.

I have no doubt that the F.B.I. set out to arrest others via any bullshit they could in order to shut The Militia Group down.

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Illegal firearm possession due to being a felon was why he was arrested. Try reading the source material next time.

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I bet you this guy had everything else registered, except one piece he probably liked shooting on a private range, and they nabbed him for that.

Nit picking and trying to find any reason to throw him in jail.

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It seems like the FBI cares more about it's citizens possessing weapons to defend our boarders then foreign invaders entering with weapons. See: https://www.facebook.com/OccupyDemocratsLogic/videos/2071594769817462 0:48-1:21

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You should try reading my post before replying.

... IF there were no other laws broken.

A Citizen's Arrest is completely legal, and justified.

The OP's title with the false claim "Americans are no longer allowed to defend our own country." is complete fucking bullshit.

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Here's a scenario:

Dude does citizen's arrest on illegal immigrant

there are three witnesses

the illegal pulls out a knife

dude defends himself

dude ends up killing immigrant

Where does he go from there? Was the dude in the right? If so, does that mean we can lawfully pummel any illegal immigrant we find?

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Ability - The immigrant had the access to a weapon and was either deploying it or in the process

Opportunity - Absent any obstacles, the immigrant was able and willing to close distance to commit a violent act

Jeopardy - With the immigrant closing distance with a weapon, any reasonable and prudent person would fear that their life was being threatened.

Yes, you could shoot the motherfucker.

This doesn't mean you can just go out "hunting" either. This is specific to a situation where someone is coming at you with a lethal weapon.

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dude defends himself

Sounds like a clear cut case of self defense-justifiable homicide... IF the dude can prove that he feared for his life, or bodily injury.

Don't forget that the illegal is a fucking federal felon to begin with, and pulling the knife could be considered yet another felony against an American citizen.

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True... he likely was MKUltra'd though. I always thought Ted Kazinsky was moreso. His writings are very eye-opening considering what has been coming out the last few years. If you have not yet done so, read The Unabomber Manifesto.

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The Unibomber Manifesto reads like a Ben Shapiro script.

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Probably just an intel asset.

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Ted Kascinzski has fascinated me for years too along with MKUltra and Monarch. Very intelligent intriguing person though almost sweetly naive in that he thought bombs would change anything. Life is cheap and nobody cares beyond thoughts and prayers on a FB page. People have been murdering each other since time began and nothing he could do would top the atom bomb, genocides, etc and yet the world spins on. Nothing changes until you hit people where they live which is usually in the wallet. Rudimentary but honest understanding of human nature, no matter how cynical, is required to achieve any long-lasting goal regardless of the cause.

The Chinese know this. Let idiots rush to die in wars with guns and think they are tough. They wish to live so just quietly buy out those you wish to rule while they flex their muscles and the next time they look up, you own everything they once had. Economic war versus shooting people but the ideas live on... unless you've bought the country and replace with it with your own. Brains versus brawn.

I'm still surprised a man of Kascinzski's IQ would think crude brute force against a few individuals would make any lasting impact on policy change and how people live. And of course it didn't. But no one is perfect. Fascinating man, to be sure.

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McVeigh was sheep dipped

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Lesson learned. Next time just shoot the illegals and let the border patrol find the bodies. Then everyone can be safe from the government.

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Also record it telling the assholes you're making a citizens arrest to prevent that bullshit impersonating an officer charge which really means the public doing their jobs for them & usually better.

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Took them longer to arrest the Islamic militants in New Mexico.

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Yes and they were abusing kids.

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*Murdering kids.

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Didn't they let half them off too?

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they all did i thought

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They won't care about them unless they do something. This militia was actually stopping illegals from coming in. Fucking blows my mind they're arresting people protecting America. Fucking clown land. We need to rise up.

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one thousand militias

ten thousand hundred thousand militias

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How can we do this without getting glow-in-the-darks?

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People you have known since childhood. That's how it used to be with warbands in our tribal history. Our greatest weakness is the lack of social cohesion. We are divided and conquered.

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