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“kidnapping” migrants by refusing them entry.

Sometimes laws will be applied in instances where the law was never intended to be applied. This is what happens when you let jews have anything to do with the law. A great recent example of this type of shit is in New Zealand and their faggot government prosecuting people for having/sharing the Brenton Tarantino video, they're basically charging them with possession/distribution of child porn. Absolute fucking clown world.

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Pass the bikes. Race far now

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Worse than cp (rememeber we are now at "children can consent [to "gender cahnge"] stage) so CP gets you less than RV/PP (revange/pride porn.)

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It's time for Salvini to get a group of hand picked men and start killing those military officers.

Stalin would have done it.

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It is better if they are independent citizens -- however, that does not help at all if they are replaced by people who are also corrupt.

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Not letting them rape your wife is the same as raping them. Arrest all men who protect their white wives from rape!!!

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Do it, then all those men will meet in prison, hopefully after teaching their wifes how to shoot and if necesarry raise gorilla warfare.

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Wow that is amazingly stupid. Is this the next 4D chess move by the alt-right? Get thrown in prison, have your wives raped and THEN we will finally rise up!

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deep state

This isn't reddit, you can say jews.

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Wait, is the deep state only jews? I didn't know the club was that exclusive.

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Huh there is that red line BS talk again. Not very creative. Seeing as Italy has been the most vocal and proactive country in trying to overturn the deep state controls I'm surprised they waited so long to make their move. I would have thought the mention of the gold being the people's not the banks would have been the spark that would have resulted in at least a coup attempt from multiple groups (EU, Military, Italian version of CIA, ect.)

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