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I saw the movie and it was very intense and emotional. I can’t imagine someone leaving the movie shrugging their shoulders. It leaves a strong impression. I hope many babies are saved because of it.

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I hope many White women and no sheboons watch it.

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too late, this movie is really popular with church sheboons

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fucking baby murderers!

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But can they repent?

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You have to forgive, we aren't the Left. We kill traitors, but not those of our own who have seen their error. We were all raised with the same propaganda.

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According to Judaism lite(Christianity), you just have to say you're sorry.

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i mean a real one

There are no sources for the 1%quit, and even if that were real, statistical significance limit is 4%.

Everyone there just regurgitates what the person before them said, and there isnt a single datapoint.

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I think you just arbitrarily decided statistical significance is 4%

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Thus illustrating his point. People can just make shit up without evidence.

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Sorta like the guy next to you always thinks he's smarter than the guy next to him?

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Blood on their hands will never wash off, unfortunately.

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Once you have blood on your hands..you never really forget what its like.

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I don't believe this rhetoric for one minute. He is hyping his movie, which is fine. But just know that he is full of shit.

“One percent of the abortion workers in the United States, after getting one look at them being portrayed on film … have decided to change their lives … and what they do for a living,” he said.

How many people who work at an abortion clinic do you think really want to see & much less pay to see this movie? I am not buying it. And his claim that 1% are quitting? What do you think the normal turn over of employees is for any industry in a year? Probably much higher than 1%.

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Murdering babies for a living, i guess you have to be a Jew for that.