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This Catholic treasure is over 800 years old.


This Catholic treasure WAZ over 800 years old.

Must have had films in the attic from "those" parties.

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It really seems like they made no effort to stop the fire as if the plan was to burn the whole thing down.

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I've posted this elsewhere too. How the fuck did one of the treasures of Paris, bang in the middle of the city, burn up like this?

They must station French police around the cathedral like landmarks in the U.S and the UK? How did it get out of hand that quickly? What was the response time and why did it spread so fast?

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What was the response time and why did it spread so fast?

Well, you see when firemen are protesting, they are not going to be available to put out fires now are they?

If ever there was a wakeup call for that faggot Marcon, this would be it. If i was an arson inclined person, i would take this as the time to set fire to everything, because the firemen and the paramedics and some of the police are pissed off and are wearing yellow vests.

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wood thats been drying for 800 years i imagine would burn with ease

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Once a fire like that gets going, you can't stop it.

Consider the "fire triangle" (actually a "fire triforce insignia", but whatever). In order to continue burning (more specifically, to maintain the exothermic chain reaction) a fire needs three things: fuel, oxygen, and heat.

Now consider the conditions in the attic of a Gothic cathedral. The roof is not only made of wood, it's made of massive, massive timbers. Lots of fuel. Once all that mass starts to burn, it produces a tremendous amount of heat. There are no firebreaks in that kind of structure, so oxygen can flow very freely. It's sort of a perfect storm.

To illustrate the point, let's hit an enormous rewind button and go back to a couple minutes after the fire started. The reaction has already begun; it's consuming fuel, producing prodigious amounts of heat, and has blown a hole in the roof where hot gas has begun to escape, creating a draft that continually feeds the flames fresh oxygen.

How do les pompiers parisiens stop the fire? Well, they need to remove one or more of the fire-triangle elements. Wood is a Class A material, so les pompiers can use plain old water to do this. Dumping water on a Class A fire removes heat as the water boils (vaporization is endothermic), plus it chokes out oxygen.

Problem is, the fire is several hundred feet in the air, so les pompiers would need to run a hose up the biggest ladder truck they've got. Problem is, Notre Dame is on an island in the middle of the Seine, so there's nowhere for said truck to park. making it more difficult to quickly deploy necessary equipment.

In practical terms, unless les pompiers 1) had one of those helicopters with the drop buckets they use for fighting wildfires, 2) had one on standby; 3) had it on standby in Paris ... the fire would likely be out of control by the time they could scramble the helo, let it take a drink from the Seine, and dump the water on the roof.

EDIT: Correction. The island is apparently bigger than I thought it was. I just saw a video of a fire truck spraying a stream of water onto the roof of the cathedral. Given this, I revise my statement to say "they need to get the get equipment there before the fire gets out of control, which it will do very quickly. Hopefully the walls do not collapse before the fire is put out."

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One of the many actions of muds is the destruction of history.

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I just heard on radio news: the frame is saved. Also, it started in a back room...

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If you erase history did it happen after a decade?