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it will be blamed on the yellow vests tho...

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I hope the yellow vests start with the mass executions off shitskins and other non-white fucks and also start with the political assassinations.

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More likely, once the independent news media forces their hands and starts reporting the truth about sand niggers doing it, the 24 hr cable news cycle will be dedicated to justifying it by blaming Tarrant and doubling down on cucking out our civil liberties again. It’ll be the Benghazi “YouTube video” bullshit all over again.

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It's a War and were not even fighting back.

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We're not fighting back.... yet.

Once the Overton Window applies to randomly attacking non-whites, burning Synagogues and Mosques to the ground, burning entire migrant neighborhoods to the ground, this "war" will be over in weeks.

I can't wait. There will be millions dead and the vast majority will be non-whites and liberals.

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Perhaps "some people did something".

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This just in, an Arabic European French White Cis Male is believed to have started the fire at Notre Dame. Oy veyyyy white nationalism must be stopped and whites must be killed!

The suspect in the arson has been let free due to his immune status as an innocent immigrant. He dindu nuffin wrong he a good boi n it’s all whiteys fault!!

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I bet that if they did we'll never hear about it and nothing will happen to the perp.

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ill take that bet but the payout gotta be pretty low Paris and France has gone to shit

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from a month ago:


the church which was used in the filming of U.S. author Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’

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Yup, it's not shocking this happened. What will be shocking, is if the French don't start burning down every single mosque they can.

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Depends on your point of view, I guess.