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we never see mosques on fire. hmmmm

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Newsweek just can't quite get a finger on the pulse of the problem here.


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Update 21:29 The smile and seeming laugh of those two men...

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I love how everyone (everyone, myself included) on voat is going to see this and instantly think the same thing: the West is burning because of the Jews. Their imported Muslim orc horde and their useful communist idiots are up to the same old antics.

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MAcroni - it's just part and parcel of living in a big city

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and..... it's a muslim. Most likely reason. If the people of France don't lose their shit over this and demand removing the migrants then they are a lost cause.

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Maybe "some People did Something"?

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Probably a false flag:

support christianity goy!

muslims (not jews) are the REAL enemy!

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Anyone who reads each of the three texts would know which one is conducive to the human character. Jesus spoke on the evils of his own Jewish people and they killed him for it. This idea that Christianity accepts the Jewish people wholesale is completely incorrect.

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Show me, don't tell me.

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Fuck them both.

Semites fucking suck.