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Why does he bother with video? Seriously. He's a smart guy. I don't agree with him on everything he says, but I don't have to. But his "content" largely consists of him reading an article on the screen (poorly, I might add) with no editing of any kind. Minimal value-add from him, if anything. He'd be a much better podcaster.

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I agree. Talks way too fast and has a whiny, high pitch voice as well. He makes me lose interest.

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He seems young and a lot of his politics reflect that. He's probably still waiting for his balls to drop.

Not to mention that he stumbles over what he's reading and doesn't fix it in post like you would think one would if one were uploading something for literally everyone to see. And then the content itself...2 minutes of exposition, 9 minutes of reading the article with virtually no commentary and then maybe a minute of his opinion on it.

I get that we don't have a lot of people "on our side" or whatever, but I'd take Styxen's shirtless ass any day over this guy.

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He's a liberal twat who's only motivation is fear of civil war. He's mixed (korean/white, or some shit) and has experienced racism. You should be more sympathetic ε : • ) Σ.
He's a Bernie bro, only slighted due to the betrayal of the DNC.
He's for free speech but doesn't seem to understand why free speech is under attack supporting the components and proponents that promote the suppresion of free speech.
Homosexuality? Liberal/progressive views. Not a problem nor a root cause to many political and social issues.
Race Realism? No, no, no. That's racist. 'I'm mixed. I've experienced racism.'
Censorship? Very bad. It'll cause a revolution which means homosexuality, miscegenation, other liberal lunacy will be heavily threatened if not fully eradicated.
Jews? 'The narrative is true.' 'Race realism is racist.' 'Anti-Semitism is a real thing and a real problem.'

Tim Pool is not your friend.

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He secretly wants to be musk

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Stupid. He's making them money...even if he's being evil as fuck...and he's even in good company: Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are doing the same fucking thing.

We need to change our laws and get access to the black box of data all of these companies have on each of us.

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I have a better idea, and it's faster.

Boom boom boom.

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Here comes the

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If shareholder jews want zuckerberg out, does that mean he is a goodguy now?

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Everything about facebook is revolting.

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As if removing one leech would make any difference when it's a parasite breeding farm.

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No more of Tim "Read the Headline 11 times indignantly" Pool.

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Why the hell did they not remove him earlier. He was certainly not working in the interests of the company.