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Actually take action instead of complaining on twitter for a day and then not mentioning it ever again.

nut up or shut up, Donald.

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get this shit out of here.

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Yeah sure. On the way to the polling booth they'll be saying It's really happening, right after we get the next term locked in they're going to clean up this mess and we'll get justice.

Consider expanding your armory to include more than just guns.

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It's Happening!

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There will come a time not too long from now when many many of you will think back about how you ever could have doubted what is about to unfold. Open your eyes. Have you ever played chess?

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10d chess?

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Many like to make jokes. They have no idea how right they are.

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Yes, and it will be a great source of embarrassment.

When the same entity is moving both sides of the board, nobody wins but the one moving the pieces.

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Being so demoralized must suck.