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If you’re wondering why they don’t show the video or mention race at all, it’s because they’re all black.

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Good, move the trannies info nig town.

Soon, either no more trannies, or all the nigs will join and cut their own dicks off.

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The tranny was black too, complete with bright pink wig.

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Hey buddy, thats a little insensitive. We call them Asians over here. (And never a mugshot for Tyrone as well.)

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Coulter's law.

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Dallas is only 30% white. Stay the fuck away. There's a reason real estate is so cheap there.

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“Those who did this do not represent how Dallasites feel about our thriving LGBTQ community,” Rawling said. “We will not stand for this kind of behavior.”

Someone get the mob back here. They are not done stomping faggots.

Since 2013, 95 percent of the 128 transgender killings documented in the United States involved victims who were women, the group said.

What the fuck Tim. They are males.

More than 100 of those victims were people of color, according to the report.

Nigger faggots to be more precise. Let's get the mob to stomp Tim too then. Tim is the turd that wrote this shite, in case anyone was lost.

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"started stomping on her and kicking her"

This is the key to know what race was working here. Trademark of the negro.

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What do you call a dead Tranny?

A good start.

Seriously though, they end up offing themselves, so why even fucking bother. Fucking Tranny fucks are super drama queens about everything. Its like faggots x100. No wonder they mouth off and get beat down.

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"According to a report from the Human Rights Campaign, more than half of the 22 transgender people killed in the United States last year died in the south."

agenda much?

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Maybe the tranny shouldn't have rammed their car

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Based Niggers

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