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I think I am now on a bunch of lists.....

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Welcome to freedom.

England won't even let me cross their border anymore.

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It's not all bad

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List of cunts with terrible inaccurate guns that will jam immediately?

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yes those elites are stupid we are not helpless this can turn sower fast

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Nobody saw this coming...

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that was the plan to... lie and deceive.. the sheep to see how far they can press it.... we need too plan fast this is out of controle

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Then chances are you appear in the police National Intelligence Application (NIA) with at least one alert against your name.

in other words,western democracies have embraced some form of totalitarianism

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yes you put it in the center of the target

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Thats over 40% of the population of New Zealand...

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The target would be around 99% eventually.

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If they had the resources, they would probably do it with 100%.

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New Zealand is one of the '5 eyes', which makes this list intriguing from a functional perspective.

I wonder if the other 4 maintain similar lists. Well, I have no doubt, really; but I really would like to know what their lists are like, particularly that of my home country.

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The Elite own NZ now. They're just cleaning up the problem elements of the population before the final lock-down.

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And all because of a mossad terrorist attack. Outside clown world that would be called an israeli declaration of war against New Zealand.

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sweet mate

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