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White guy in New Zealand, kills some sand niggers, front page world wide and congressional hearings on YT.

Niggers nig, complete silence.

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i hope you are ready for battle

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Jury nullification

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To be fair, niggers nigging really isn't news, is it? They do it every day. A white guy has to make a conscious choice to engage in violence. Niggers do it because it's what they do.

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cuz they was kangz

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More like media refuses to even mention the story.

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You do realize that the media isn't american owned anymore, right?

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It goes without even speaking these days. Inbred underhanded shylocks own the media.

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Tell me, dear boy, who owns the media companies that operate in America?

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Complicit with the takedown of America , those big wigs on the tv are too (they really do hate America - think Bill Maher rooting for a depression again in America).

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Hey it was just a man who got arrested. And also a kid happened to fall off a balcony, around the same time.

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babes... this is greAt news if you are in the dirty-yiddish-gypsy-"jew" "medical" industry... that kid is probably "billing" tens of thousands of dollars in "medical" bills... now multiply that by every victim of a grey-subsaharran-cannibal attack and you get a few billion in shekels every year... thanks shitsrael!!!!

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Broken Glass Economics.

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...... are you @shivashivashiva, or someone trying to emulate him/her/it?

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Wasn't "just" a man , the whole Somali culture is Muslim (islam is a disease which infects the minds and culture of those who harbor it).

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What's worse than a nigger? A nigger Muslim.

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"Just something that happened."

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Probation, And he gets banned from the Mall.

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Been looking for his status.....anybody?

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Last I read the kid was stable. Children take less fall damage because of their lower mass.

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He is alive, and unconscious.

The saddest part is the fall supposedly did some serious trauma to arms, legs, and he had his spleen removed.

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i needs to kill 80 somalis

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They are brothers so same shit you Q jackass. Remember while Abraham was fucking his neice Sarah he also was fucking his Egyptian slave girl Hagar. The offspring of the Abraham/Hagar fucking created Ishmael, father of the the Arabs.

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It was just "something done by someone" right Omar, you skank!

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Disgusting. It's open season on whites in the U.S. and everyone just pretends everything is fine. Fuck this clown world.

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Race , shoot - they don't even mention what he shouted (Allah Akbar).

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