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I hate them consciously

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That and pity for the soon to be single white mother's of shitskins.

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Despise Ftfy

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I pitty her parents. I know it would break my heart.

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No one pities them.

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I agree. It is not unconcscious for those of us who aren't psychologically sleeping.

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VERY conscious

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The overwhelming majority of those who participated in the study reported that they were completely accepting of interracial couples. And yet when tested, their brains registered “nonconscious” disgust at race-mixing, which Skinner referred to as a “gag reflex.”

This suggests that White people are genetically hardwired to reject race-mixing. Even when someone has been thoroughly indoctrinated from a young age to consciously accept miscegenation, they instinctively find such behavior repugnant. This would explain the imbalanced and self-destructive character of so many White race-mixers: they are at war with themselves. They are torn by a deep-seated and irreconcilable conflict between their conscious mind, which has been conditioned to accept race-mixing, and their normal, healthy racial instincts, which finds interracial sex abhorrent and disgusting.

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That explains all the virtue signalling.

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Look how not racist I am!!!

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Holy shit you could be onto something

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This would explain the imbalanced and self-destructive character of so many White race-mixers: they are at war with themselves.

Exactly, it's never just mixed relationships. Their whole life is a train wreck


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they instinctively find such behavior repugnant

Wait until the Jews start pushing clinics for the trans-cranial MR treatment where they can target the rational part of the brain and destroy it so people can start accepting foreign invaders, miscegenation, and generally getting fucked in the ass.

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The DOD has funded research for a bio-weapon that could deactivate a behavioral linked gene. The presentation I saw was discussing a gene thought to be tied to the ability to believe in religion with the ostensible motivation being to neutralize 'middle east terrorist'. "the god gene".

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Ha ha, "Skinner"

If there was anyone to report on unconscious bias based off of skin color, Skinner is the perfect last name for it

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Funny this post comes up this weekend.

I was at a ballgame Friday, and saw a girl I knew from high school (she's still in) hanging out with what essentially is a Native nigger. I could go in great detail on differences of natives but I'll spare everyone.

So, this girl is white (a bit of Cherokee), blonde hair blue eyes and the whole bit... Then you have this dark little fucker leaning back with his hood drawn up and everything, speaking the nigger language (E-MOTHERFUCKING-BONICS). This girl was all laughing and shit and the entire time I couldn't help but feel absolutely repulsed by this idiocy.

Sad too, girl was smart and all. But with a mistake like that... If she ever has sex with the thing (I wouldn't be surprised, and she's supposed to be one of the "good ones"), they're both up for physical removal.

Gone are the days of old where we're blind to these things. They both should know better.

To Hell with them.

EDIT: And this is coming from someone who is just enough Cherokee to get free shit for school. So, I'm not even entirely white. Skin-wise I'm definitely pale and take after my Germanic blood, but still. It's an impurity. Something I'll freely admit I'm uncomfortable with. Part of why I'm reluctant to get with a gal, even if she's full 1488 tradwife.

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cherokee warrior blood would be welcomed in the 1488.

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10-20% non white MAX. the rest must be white, absolutely no jews.

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For warfare, I wouldn't doubt it.

Anything else? Doubtful. And that's the way it must be. It will be if I have any say about it.

So, as I've specified in a couple comments and feel like I'm just copypasting at this point, I'm just waiting for the DOTR so I might die a quick death with my head missing a chunk. After we've all but won the inevitable civil war and we're mopping up resistance of course. I'd like to at least know we've succeeded.

Better than rotting in a nursing home with nobody around but the occasional embarassment of an orderly/nurse/whatever coming in and having to help me even take a piss.... Truly degrading.

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Good thing a faggot like you has no say in that matter then.

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whites lived in temperate woodland, reds lived in temperate woodland. similar mindset, similar nature. id take a handsome cherokee-german over an ugly german any day. rise above it if you think its a terrible flaw.

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Voat may not agree with me here, but Native American and East Asians mixing with whites isn't a bad thing and isn't in the same ballpark as mixing with niggers.

A lot of whites where I grew up had native ancestors and they turned out fine. Some of the 50% native ones hate niggers and spics more than many 100% white people.

East Asians have high IQ's, respectable history, and hate niggers, muslims, and spics.

We need allies in the upcoming and inevitable war with niggers, Muslims, and beaners.

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What you say is true, and I can relate that experience, but at the same time I believe white purity should be preserved to the highest extent possible.

Hard to do if there are impurities being spread.

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Race mixing with some groups such as east asians might not be terrible, but it's not something that should be actively sought out. Always look for someone of your own race first.

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Agree, nothing worse than mixing with blacks--If I had a daughter, I'd prefer ANYONE but blacks

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Nah. lol

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As long as you're not a le 56% Mestizo or have African features, you're alright.

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Oh I'm far from that. You'd think I was full white looking at me.

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Personally it is very conscious

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I can debunk it, because I'm very conscious about my disgust about crimes against nature.

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It is common on all races actually.

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It's a very conscious hatred and need to kill.

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