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Part 2 here:

JWR: It is not that they are not lawful. ..the perception and what will happen is that it will be deemed political interference from day one when people were talking about why we are entering into a DPA or putting in a DPA regime in place … Everybody knows that it was because of SNC whether that is true or not that is what people will think.

C: It is a tool used in lots of other countries though…

JWR: Fair

C: …for these kind s of purposes and especially if there has been a change of ownership or management of the company that is being prosecuted … it is a public policy tool.

JWR: Fair, but in our MCs all the way up and in the law that we changed we gave the Director of Public Prosecutions the discretion to enter into the DPAs and the judge to oversee the regime . There is no guarantee in any particular case – this one or the ones that will come – that they will enter into the DPAs or think it is appropriate to do so. And that is what we consciously made the decision on when we decided as a cabinet to enter into this process and I amending the law.

C: Is there anybody that can talk to Kathleen then about the context around this or to get her to explain why she is … or I guess the company has talked to her directly …

JWR: The company has… but Michael there was a preliminary inquiry- I am still try ing to get an update on what happened at the Pl. Like the suggestion that I made ages ago which Gerry talked to you about in Montreal was … nobody from the company ever contacted me or sent me a letter expressing concern – had that happened I would have done what I believed to have been appropriate was to forward that letter on to the DPP.

C: I think they have made direct representations to the prosecutor though…and they tried to make the public interest argument and so on and so on. But they gave the impression that they are not being listened to so…

JWR: ya…

C: Alright…um…well I am going to have to report back before he leaves…he is in a pretty firm frame of mind about this so…l am a bit worried…

JWR: Bit worried about what?

C: Well…it is not a good idea for the Prime Minister and his Attorney General to be at loggerheads.

JWR: Well I feel that I am giving him my best advice and if he does not accept that advice then it is his prerogative to do what he wants… But I am trying to protect the Prime Minister from political interference or perceived political interference or otherwise.

C: Alright, I understand that… but he does not have the power to do what he wants… all the tools are in your hands so…

JWR: … Ok so then…so I am having thoughts of the Saturday Night Massacre here Michael to be honest with you and this is not a great place for me to be in – I do not relish this place – but what I am confident of is that I have given the Prime Minister my best advice to protect him and to protect the constitutional principle of prosecutorial independence.

C: Ok…alright but…I am worried about a collision then because he is pretty firm about this…I just saw him a few hours ago and this is really important to him… Ok…um…there is not much more we can cover for now them… um…I understand where you are coming from … Um…The section 13 response from Kathleen…you are saying Elder has that or had a version of that?

JWR: The Prime Minister’s Office has had it since September since I have had it.

C: Since September …ok that is import ant . That is new to me so … ok. Alright…um…

JWR: They will tell you that they have not received a copy of it … Elder and Mathieu said it to me when they came to my office…um…but we have documented evidence in terms of emails etcetera where that has been provided…so they do have it …maybe they have misplaced it. I can send it back over to them but I know that Jessica asked the other day when she was over at the PMO office…

C: And what did they tell her…that they didn’t have it or that they never seen it…?

JWR: I have to ask and I will tell you exactly what they said. I will have to ask her.

C: My advice is that Jessica should send it to Elder then just to make it ‘tripley’ sure they have it.

JWR: Ok, I will get her to do that right now.

C: Alright thanks for calling me.

JWR: Thanks.

C: Thanks for calling back so quickly .

JWR: No problem.

C: OK, he is still around tomorrow so… (inaudible)

JWR: I am waiting for big…the other shoe to drop…so I am not under any illusion how the Prime Minister has and gets things that he wants… l am just stuck doing the best job that I can…

C: Ok alright.

JWR: Ok.


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thanks! pretty obvious everyone knows trudeau is dirty.


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Would make better sense to just post the audio it's only 17 minutes long and uploaded to hundreds of sites.


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nope, reading it is far better. gives me a chance to think without the need to rewind.


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his goose is cooked.


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It should be. The left will fall over themselves to make excuses for him though.


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They almost got a confidence motion between conservatives and NDP and even the speaker bent the rules until the liberals showed up to block it...