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So, what you're saying is, an EMP attack is the fastest way to enact the New Green Deal? ;)

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Don't give those commie terrorists any Ideas!

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Its hilarious how we jews are always doing drills then a false flag happens, and the goys never catch on to it!!! haha shaloms

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I can't wait until he signs an order against bear attacks!

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The problem with EMP is after a week normal people would be robbing eachother to feed their family. After 12 hours bad people would be robbing normal people. You'd have to make a new DSM to explain cultural social contracts and how it's actually a sliding scale. The cognitive-dissonance that would cause everyone would be devastating.

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That's why if you live in a city you must leave immediately when the power goes out. Have a bag packed and be ready to walk at any time

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Where do you go? Into the woods with 30,000 other swinging dicks all fighting for the 50 deer?

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There will never be large enough man made emp to destroy a country. EMPs do not work like the movies

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You're correct. But a massive coronal ejection like OP mentioned could happen with very little warning. However, it would be seen by our satellites and/or observatories and would take appx 8 minutes to reach earth. It is possible that we could be alerted by the early warning systems built into TV, radio, and our cell phones. You can protect your electronics by wrapping them in aluminium foil (make sure there are no gaps!) or by wrapping them inside of a towel and putting that inside of a galvanized trash can. There is some evidence that putting them in your refrigerator, washer, dryer, oven, or microwave may protect them. Basically the device has to be 100% enclosed in an electrically conductive metal. You can literally wrap a cardboard box in aluminum foil (no gaps!) and anything inside will be protected.

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You have to figure what's classified in every major country is 20 to 100 years ahead of conventional science & technology. And if you don't, you're not paranoid enough.

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President Trump is the first president to take action in preventing catastrophic consequences of such an attack or incident

Is he? At any rate, the hardening of electronics against HFI and other induced currents isn't exactly a new idea. Do people not remember one of the chief complaints against the transistor vs the tube?

We've been hardening electronics for more than half a century.

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Some military systems have been hardened against EMP but that's it

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If some you mean most then sure.

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It's not just "some" it's lots of military equipment. It's lots of civilian equipment too, specifically critical infrastructure that was hardened with the expectation of a nuclear exchange. Hell, I threw out some CRT monitors decades ago that were EMP hardened specifically to limit HFI in general and ostensibly to mitigate the EMP from a nuke. FCC and CE regulations exist for levels of HFI any given device is expected to deal with without abnormal operation.

Not that it'll matter in the slightest if we get another Carrington event and it isn't a matter of being hardened or not hardened, there are degrees.

Frankly, the real bugbear if we get a solar flare with an attitude is the loss of satellites and some parts of the power grid, causing the rest of it to collapse because we are pretty bad at planning for global catastrophe. But to suggest that hardening for an EMP is something new is just false.

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We have done absolutely zero hardening against a solar flare or EMP attack. Our current systems are 100% completely vulnerable, I think you need to study up on this subject a little bit.

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Just plain false

I suggest you do some reading yourself. Or do you literally think we went through a cold war with nuclear holocaust hanging over our heads, never once thinking that "hey, maybe we should do something about those EMPs"

I've personally worked with EMP hardening. You're wrong.

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This is to protect THEM against US, not the other way around.

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I believe an EMP attack or solar flare is one of the greatest threats facing our country and many prominent military leaders feel the same way.

Are you this crying faggot?


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It actually is me

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Hot damn. A piece of paper has stopped and EMP!

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