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Reminds me of the people hooraying for the # of jobs added since Trump took office. It doesn't even make dent to all of the total losses from the previous 12-16 years. The downright stupidity is appalling. The economic status of the world along with the environment being destroyed for it is terrifying. At some point fairly soon, something significant will break. I'd still wager fresh water supplies being the first to go and suddenly you will have some odd 50 million people trying to storm the US border.

As for the climate stuff, the last accurate number was approximately 30% worse than it would be if we weren't polluting so much. There's other much more significant factors that need to be addressed but that one should not be ignored. Most of you fucking suck at long term planning though.


[–] DishingShitLikeA 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Just bantz. Wanna curb pollution? Look at China, India, Africa. Carbon Taxes and the like are aimed at white countries to hinder them. Very suspicious they are not aimed at the bigger polluters.


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It doesn't matter what the source is at this point. Undoing the damage... well a lot will when there's little/no humans left.