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If we jump too quickly to the universal formulation, 'all lives matter,' then we miss the fact that black people have not yet been included in the idea of 'all lives.'

Sigh. Why does it always have to be divided like this? By saying this statement, Judith Butler (and the protesters) is acting as part of the problem rather than the solution. All lives do matter. All human lives matter. She is playing up one group of people who are treated poorly and unjustly while simultaneously ignoring many more groups who have it just as bad or worse. All human lives matter, Judith. All human lives matter. All human lives matter. This should be the mantra and the way forward. Stop trying to segregate and divide.

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If Americans aren't their own number 1 enemy, what the fuck is happening in America? These violent dunces need to shut the fuck up and learn to be part of the solution - and stop being the obvious problem.

They want to be able to bomb peaceful countries without repercussions. They want to be able to murder each other and others in high numbers and have the UN ignore it. They want to be able to ruin the political speeches af their own supporters and expect us to like it. But what they are really doing is showng that many of them aren't willing to behave in a manner befitting a member of the international community.


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I agree they can't fucking behave they have to do shit different or else is not cool. Why can't they just protest like you said in a manner befitting a member of society and also take into account that it's not just "blacks" who are victims of police brutality.


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Holy fuck guys, this thread is just made of racism. Blacks aren't a single, cohesive group. However, blacks as a general group were marginalized and enslaved for centuries, and as a group have never recovered to the point of being on equal footing with whites.

So you have a bunch of really poor people who receive (because of their stature, likely no fault of their own) incomplete education, not only on their ancestor's oppression, but in general. There's a small population of them who do completely understand the problems, and argue rationally for their slights. But when they form an organization of people, they must populate it with uneducated, angry members. You see this as "they want to be able to assault peace officers without repercussion," when one black person does something that the average would not.

Seems to me you think there's never been white people responding violently when they feel they've been slighted.


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The original hashtag really should have been something like "black lives also matter". It would emphasize the point that there are unique issues that black people face today while also making it clear that there isn't a preference for one group over another.


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Non eubonic phrase sounds too white though. Proper grammar is racis.


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Yeah, we should really customize our messages in order to not offend butt-hurt white conservatives.


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They are isolating allies. I have never felt so segregated as "one kind" of human as opposed to one human as I have over the last year. I've been told that if I don't acknowledge race at any chance, I'm committing a microaggression and that I have to recognize distinctions against everything I've been taught about race. I was always told that we are all supposed to love each other and color doesn't matter. I felt much more hope before SJWs wanted to force me to keep things divided. It's made me doubt that things with race in the country will improve. I could be wrong, but I see it as a step backwards.


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all lives matter. human or animal. why the distinction? humans are animals. all lives matter.


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Plants too! And for the future, sentient machines lives matter!!!