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Never heard of them.

Now I'm interested

Thanks Amazon


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Jew were the primary movers and sellers of slave. They also owned by far the most slaves per capita. Also free blacks could and did own slaves. Really no need to read it.


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Oh yes there is, they have detailed references to Jewish research on the topic. Peer reviewed papers by Jewish university professors.

Next time a Jew denies Jewish involvement in slavery, just whip out a few of the references.


[–] TAThatBoomerang ago 

Did they also own the plantations? As far as I was aware the Jews had a virtual monopoly on the slave trade, but the actual plantation owners where "white".


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Bullshit. Jews were not the "primary" anything. The primary movers and sellers of slaves were the monarchs of Europe who issued licenses to allow trade and profited off the sale of niggers. Both the Spanish and Portuguese FORBID jews and "conversos" from participating in the slave trade.

Only one nation actually allowed jew to trade in slaves and that was Holland. Jew are estimated to have been responsible for 17% of slaves brought to Dutch colonies which were tiny.

There were jews in the slave trade. But the idea that they were primarily responsible is bullshit invented and spread by the Nation Of Islam.

Congratulations, white cuck, you're spreading the lies of dumb jew-hating niggers.

I know all this to be true even though I'm just a dumb watermelon-eating nigger.


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The first 2 volumes are on the first site you get when you hit a search for "bookzz"


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Thanks, bro


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Another book to read. it was common jews were slave traders. i recall reading only time an auction of slaves had low buyers was when there was jewish holidays.


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Think they actually closed down the auctions on Jewish holidays for that reason. Don't forget to mention Jews owned the plantations


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