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Man companies now have reached seriously fucken terrifying proportions. And the speed of this last round of consolidation has been mind blowing. Look at anheuser-busch inbev, it's recent history, it's scope reach and market size. Mind boggling shit, and more proof of why Government is failing it's citizens. How can most governments be expected to moderate corporate power facing businesses of this scale?

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Most Governments just take the money and turn the other cheek. We white people, have the best governments money can buy.

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In stock.

Which is why they had to fake almost the entirety of Captain Marvel's box office take, to make it appear like their flagship product The MCU is still highly successful and has a bright future, despite the upcoming Endgame seeing the departure of many popular characters and actors (which is why they badly needed the FOX buy-out in the first place, to get the IP on characters people actually want to see in big movies).

No doubt the Fox shareholders knew all this was going on, but respected Disney's resolve and commitment to turning that sunk virtue-signalling Billion-dollar tax write-off into a marshaling point for the next phase of Marvel IP exploitation. They know that Disney will protect their stock value at all costs. And will make even the shittiest movie or TV seem like a mega hit on the books.

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Gotta love that jew accounting. Good assessment sir. Thumbs high!

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Explains Fox hiring the cunt.

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Mr. Murdoch retained ownership of the Fox broadcast network, a chain of local Fox television stations and his crown jewel, Fox News

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Tucker survives another day mainly because they are worried if he went out on his own.

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Still explains hiring the cunt.

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That's nothing. You should see how much my wife spends on shoes!

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Is this why I keep getting my comments removed from foxnews?

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Use Dissenter instead.

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Everyone get ready for the same cookie cutter bullshit from here on out, disney was fucking smart to hire kevin because he made the marvel movies dope and not about politics before his overlords decided to start fucking with him and now we start with the BS around Captain Marvel. They thought it would take to long to bring "girl power" to star wars so they just went balls to the wall with that franchise off the bat. Everyone better start reading because we're in a new stage of "being a man" is seen as bad and not a very good thing. FML ... well this sucks

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We need a movie for real men. 180 minutes of a burly guy with a magnificent beard and mustache chopping down a large tree with an axe. I'd pay good money to see that movie!

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Expendables 1&2. (3 was shit)

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Valhalla Rising.

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Ace Cop - http://axecop.com/

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Headhunter looks interesting-


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(((Disney))) also bought (((Pornhub)))

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fake news

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https://archive.ph/8BdyH :

2019-03-20 | Disney Moves From Behemoth to Colossus With Closing of Fox Deal - The New York Times

' The competition now includes Apple, which is scheduled to unveil its television and movie plans on Monday. '

'And on Wednesday morning, just after midnight on the East Coast, it seemed to describe the Walt Disney Company itself, as the conglomerate closed its $71.3 billion acquisition of 21st Century Fox assets. '

'And Disney’s plans to use Fox content to forcefully move into streaming could slow the growth of Netflix.“This deal definitely reshapes the landscape,” said Michael Nathanson, a leading media analyst. '

'But the company decided that it needed to bulk up even more as the tech giants aggressively moved into Hollywood. '

'Analysts say that Disney could force smaller studios to merge as they scramble to compete. '

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