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What I don’t understand is it ok for these people to cut off people’s heads kill men women and children and now everybody feels sorry for them

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there's no morality any more. Anything can be explained away by the right people. As long as they feel good and have food and relative "safety" they will go about thinking everything is ok. They keep voting for the shit that is tearing us down in fact.

There are too many truth pills to swallow to undo what's already every day common life. The leaders and media keep telling people what's the new normal and most go along with it. Couple this with people getting away with more in life and screwing each other over for some kind of "gain", and you get people who are willing to give up everything for a bit more selfishness.

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Why does he care about what the US does? Global sparkplug?

White SEPARATIST is good enough. Supremacy is OBVIOUS once that is accomplished, but hey niggers MAY be the last ones standing, in their ditch, covered in flies. Who really knows?

I just want ALL (latino dogs as well) the ungrateful parasitic dogs GONE from MY homeland. Nigger lovers too. If you "think" niggers are as good as whites, then YOU are a subhuman DUMBASS as well.

If we AREN'T superior WHY do you all INSIST on living with us and ROBBING us of OUR social services???

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  • New Zealand shooter’s manifesto, which will not be linked to here, is a mix of avowed white supremacist sentiment and suggested tactics to fellow extremists*

what? you will not post the actual document but want to summarize it?

I have yet to read it ... but I do not take kindly to citing something to which one is hiding.

It could be he is a leftest shill.

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The full manifesto is being held back from publication due to fears it might incite some other radical to commit a heinous act of violence. This sort of thing furthers no cause, accept to further division and destruction and those of us who want to blame anyone else but the shooter, is a demented propagandist.

Personally I could handle reading this document and not want to go on a shooting rampage and most people could handle it. For those of us who can't then they shouldn't, but to impinge on the right to free speech sets a bad president and if they ever start instituting hate speech laws or say you can't say this or that and you have to call him her, then it's 1984 and 2 + 2 = 5.

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Nothing deranged. Lucid with humor. Humble.

And yes, shits don't support our parks - no hiking, sailing, camping, hunting, fishing.

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pdf = nothing

double chk

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He's one of us with a dash of enviornmentalism because white people love nature more than themselves.

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It's not white supremacist. I can see why they are eager to make him into one though. He sees immigration as invasion and thinks that every culture should stay in their own countries.