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They already did this years ago. The kinetic energy from the rod being accelerated in space, then flown into earth literately splits the atoms, releasing huge amounts of energy.

This is like 1970's though. Very old technology here.

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Yeah this is old news. The original one I remember was called project Angel Drop or something, not gonna look it up right now. Apparently an unguided spear or pole or whatever can be dropped with a great degree of accuracy.

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We already have this. A few years ago China devalued there currency something like 3 times in a week and a half. Then a chemical factory exploded in tiangin, then 5 or 6 more exploded all around China. Search tiangin / rods from god, you’ll find some info

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Highly unlikely.

More likely some small, stealthy explosive drones found their way there.

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Tungsten as a metal, must not be as traceable as Depleted Urainium Rods are like they used in the Rods from God Project. Depleted Uranium leaves a distinct traceable sign of where in the world it was mined so you can tell what country launched it. Tungsten while not being as dense it is harder to ID where it came from and or find in the ensuing rubble, thus also being easier to fake the incident as what ever your controlled media reported.

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Gotta look at the casing it says the origin on the top:

60,000,000 joules

short life


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Hearing aboit this shit since i was a kid, calling bullshit

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I think the price will have to come down for it to be viable. $230M for each rod to get it into orbit seems pricey.

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Note that the article says it is $230M to get 200 cubic feet of tungsten weighing 24000 pounds into orbit. A wikipedia article (I'll link it below, but yes, take it with a grain of salt) says a US Air Force report estimates a viable rod is 1 foot in diameter and 20 feet long. So 200 cubic feet of tungsten is 10 rods.

$23M a shot is still a lot, but not an unreasonable amount for the US military, especially if a single ICBM is comparable to the deployment cost of 10 rods. And that weight is within the Delta IV Heavy's capabilities, and they don't tell us the purpose of all the defense satellites they launch...


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Old news. What a coinkydink that there happened to be an earthquake in a North Korean facility in the middle of the boondocks around September of 2017, that suddenly collapsed the buildings and after that, no more NK missile launches. Funny how that works.

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200 feet to the east. Fire. Go north. Fire. Stop. 20 degrees east. Stop. Zoom. Closer.


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seems like they should use the space junk circling the planet.

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Need a good system to pull it from orbit and steer its course.

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And magic to prevent it from just burning up high in the atmosphere during re-entry.

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Oh fuck this and fuck Lavrov with a barbed wired pole. Disregard sputniknews and the like.

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