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Yeah. Uh. Muhammed bin Hero took one to the brain housing group as soon as he reached the shooter. His contact with him was incidental to his path to the floor.

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Still laughing about this one.

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Just like approaching someone with a baseball bat...all the way in or all the way out

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Supposedly he hit a second mosque. Idk why he didn’t keep filming tho

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Suddenly there are other people in the car with him, and he stops filming, and he is completely ineffectual? Something is very fishy with the whole 2nd attack story.

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As far as i'm aware, Facebook cut the stream.

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I saw a zero try to tackle him and take a couple of rounds for his efforts, but nothing like this.

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https://archive.ph/VBOst :

None | Cesar Sayoc Jr., the Mail Bomb Suspect Who Targeted Clinton, Obama Set to Plead Guilty

'Cesar Sayoc Jr., the Florida man accused of mailing pipe bombs to several high-profile critics of President Trump, is expected to enter a guilty plea in Manhattan federal court next week, according to court documents. '

'Sayoc, allegedly sent homemade mail bombs to former president Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, as well CNN and Robert DeNiro, according to authorities. '

'He is a fervent Trump supporter, who posted deranged conspiracy theories, pro-Trump memes, and selfies of fake wealth on his social media. '

'The court’s docket entry states only that there is a plea scheduled for Thursday, but does not indicate what charges Sayoc will plead guilty to. '

' The pretrial conference that was scheduled for March 21 is now a plea, and defense motions are extended to March 25. '

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