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So you’e saying get ready for new Voaters?

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They're already here, and they love licking boots.

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Can’t be worse than the Qtards or Boomers.

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Prepare your training manuals, school will begin shortly.

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Every day our numbers grow stronger.

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I can’t believe reddit ended all gore and violence worldwide, just like that!

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OMG! Why didn't we think of that sooner? Guys? NOW there wont be any more violence!?!

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Yyyyyep. I'm here bc of it. Fuck reddit

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Welcome...now shut up and fuck off, faggot!

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Reddit has gone full blown tranny.

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https://archive.ph/d1Ocg :

None | After New Zealand Shooting, Reddit Bans Gory Subreddits

'Reddit took down two of its most notorious subreddits on Friday, apparently because their users were sharing footage of the New Zealand mosque shootings. '

'Reddit and other social media sites scrambled to deal with copies of the New Zealand mosque shooting, which was livestreamed to Facebook by the alleged shooter via a camera. '

'Visitors to two subreddits known for sharing video and pictures of people being killed or injured—R/WatchPeopleDie and R/Gore—were met with a message saying the forums had been “banned from Reddit.” Reddit didn’t respond to a request for comment. '

' In September, the site “quarantined” the subreddits and a number of others, making it harder for users to find their content. '

'The bans appear to represent Reddit’s latest attempt to grapple with its most infamous corners. '

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Im looking for the 2nd video if someone knows where i can find it.

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Not aware of any second video. I have one that is 16:55.

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Same..you are my first reply btw! Just joined since reddit is going to shit. Take care!

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Where is that one

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Keep looking...it wasn't here when you commented but I found it in a thread comments a few minutes ago (cell phone video held by one of the pussies who died crying with his cell in his hand.)

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Does it really have to be said out loud still that reddit should be a memory to anyone smart enough to be here? Can't you faggots find pics of girls stuffing sharpies into their asses elsewhere?