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The filthiest rivers belong to nigger, chink and hindi shitskin countries. Fuck this shit.

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Wait till they find out about the chinks!

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I'm still waiting on them to acknowledge global shipping causes more "problematic" emissions than all personal vehicles on the planet. i.e. wanting to be eco-friendly means globalism bad. heads will explode.

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I get a lot of ship related magazines, we work in ship building. The Industry fully acknowledges it. They are working on full electric, sail assistance, more like huge kite or Spinnaker.

They know.

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NIggers quit breathing the free air.

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Niggers quit breathing


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more gibs

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All this shows is that whites are better at maintaining a healthy environment in the space in which they live. Of course, as air conditioners are run, comfortable clothing is manufactured, and delicious nutritional food is produced, more resources are consumed and we destroy the rest of the world a little bit at a time. Just picture the wealthy fat kike watching over his widget factory situated on a river; the factory dumps toxic waste into the river, and the nigger living in the van by the river drinks the water and gets cancer. It's like that on the scale of billions of people all over the globe. So, good rule of thumb: don't be a nigger.

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Whites "largely caused it" only in the sense that we devised, built and maintain the energy grid that keeps all the useless non-whites from freezing to death in the dark.

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sometimes I think the power cant go out soon enough

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This concept is very old. I remember hearing of it back in the 90's. They called it environmental rascism. But they always forget that as people make more money they move out of shitty areas so really, it's a class issue. Problem now though is that the middle class is tiny compared to what it used to be. Anyway most libs dropped this shit tier thinking a long time ago. But here we go again.

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This concept is very old.

It's just another product of cultural Marxism.

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maybe they should just stop breathing the air

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I found the researchers site & left this within minutes it was deleted. So this study if one can call it that blames those evil white devils for causing pollution that the oppressed poor pathetic perpetual victim minorities are breathing. The day that crackas in mass finally tire of garbage like this then rise up & find all the propaganda pushing SJW's like this self loathing alabaster apologist ethno-masochistic moron filled w/ white guilt & start using u as decorations hanging from lampposts can't come soon enough. In the meantime take your BS study & shove it up your culo.

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