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How is she supposed to blow him for favors if he refuses to be alone with her?! Sexist pig.

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Her gripe is actually the stupidest shit I've heard in a minute. Stupider than Islam. Bitches like her are the very reason that men like Pence don't want to be alone with them.

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Feminists are lazy, they don't even blow you or have sex with you anymore. Spend more than 5min alone with a woman at work and she can just demand a promotion or threaten to claim you said she looks nice today while making eye contact.

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Cant #metoo someone who wont be alone with you

[–] LilBrattyMkr 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

Love it when the #metoo movement blows up in their faces.

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She should have a one-on-one meeting with Creepy Joe to discuss this.

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she is waaaay too old for Joe

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Don't know if he has age limits, there was one picture of him schmoozing to an older woman that looked like the wifey of one of the two bikers flanking him that were giving each other/him that look that says they know he's up to no good.

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That doesn't mean she couldn't alledge it - and blackmail Joe with it.

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Sucks not to be able to blow him privately.

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That ugly bitch just wants some attention.... or some vitamin D.... or both.

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Kamala Harris' comments come on the heels of a condemnation of Vice President Mike Pence
come on the heels

No way, this is Kamala "Heels Up" Harris. She won't get any on them, that's why she keeps them up.

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Yeah, WTF!

Pence has explained this and it makes sense. He will NEVER meet a woman just the two of them privately for a one on one discussion because that is OFTEN entrapment where you later get accused of all sorts of shit, and that's a definite thing that happens.

So she is SO upset he won't meet here privately in some dank room somewhere with no chaperone?

She's basically confessing that she wants to entrap him and make false accusations and she is butt hurt because he is having none of that shit.


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