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I posted a comment last week about looking for Mossad false flag operation to drag the US into the hornet's nest that Israel was kicking. Lo and behold a shooter who is spouting off about US politics while killing Arabs in a Mosque. This is a good catch on your part!

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don't forget the fighter shoots down incident between India and Pakistan recently some goats on here have cited some indication where isreali fingerprints may be on that one

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Almost always, when some fucked up shit goes down, a quick shortcut to the truth is to start from the assumption that Israel had a hand in it.

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As far away in the world as you can get, even!

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the timing of this attack and the latest volley on Gaza are suspicious to say the least, as is the memetic content of the shooter's rant

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a few days ago 8chan dropped a fuck load of documents about Jeffery Epstein. Now suddenly a false flag shooter pops up?

Then again jim sterling started attacking them a few weeks ago. I am starting to suspect that they were aware of that info dump, and started going after the site.

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ya they cant keep it contained. evil people will always be exposed by good people. problem is the satanic network(yes the same one that caused the satanic panic) almost has full control. fema and the shadow government are the lynchpins.

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Save these, they are already deleting the Mossad threads on /pol/

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Yo, you need archives for that shit. If you're going to keep IMAGES OF TEXT (why), they need to have links to the real content on them.

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making their way back to israel.

of course, that's what Israel is for.

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So they can flee with their children when they rob us of our wealth and destroy our society.

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No I think they plan on going to China and sucking it dry first, then if another opportunity pops up you never know...

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Another angle to this as well too is, that despite the PM's weepy proclamations that these people choose to invade NZ is because they love the NZ people and just want to give to the local communities blah, blah, blah... they in fact are up to things that warrant attention from Mossad going back to at least 2011.

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It's looking more and more like a false flag.

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SO much slicker than the stuff that goes on in the U.S. though.

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Despite OP's aversion to posting sources, I'm really thankful for this thread. Seeing all the zio-shills coming out of the woodwork to glorify the shooter was starting to nauseate me.

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