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Portland can hire a bunch of feminazis, soy boys, culks, snowflakes, lesbians, Jews and niggers. See how that works our for them.

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Sounds like Oregon is going down into the gutter like Cali.

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We are. The farm towns are uncucked, but they're being strangled by environmental regulation, chinese land prospecting, and mexicans. My homeland will be Mexico in 50 years unless major change is made. It only took that long to become california after all.

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Oregon trail of fail.

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It's called the Stanford prison experiment

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They are corrupted. Definition of corruption

1a : dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people (such as government officials or police officers) : DEPRAVITY

b : inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means (such as bribery) the corruption of government officials

c : a departure from the original or from what is pure or correct

Corruption is starting to spread like wildfire in US.

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I would add that rather than simply leave, these cops should do lawsuits.

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Portland will eat the bitter fruit of the wretched tree is has nurtured.

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Before long, all of the good police will have left, and their positions filled by Antifa faggots.

If you aren't armed, you should change that. They will be coming for you.

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Dont quit you damn retards. Undermine the damn leftists from within. WHy are "conservatives" so fucking naive? This is the process that has destroyed every institution.

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Explains why I saw an advertisement to sign up with the Seattle PD in Houston.

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I always wondered what drew illegals to northern states before they all started ignoring their own laws and making sanctuary cities.

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Portland deserves what they get on this. The place will be a No Go Zone before long. Fucking animals.

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Ted Wheeler is desperate to get his shit pushed in every day of the week. He's as pozzed as you can get. Inb4 his transition to a tranny. With full support of the dyke governor, of course.

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The Thin Blue Line just got thinner.

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