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Thanks for sharing as I haven't seen this yet. Good example about what happens when you push your populace too far. Complete nutjobs usually only kill only few people when they crack and then shoot themselves, this guy has all his marbles combined with clear motive and it shows in results.

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What a stone cold lad, not even a tremble in his voice. Thanks for sharing this

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thank you for sharing. that was great

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Remember the Las Vegas shooting???? Same thing!!!

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What the real conspiracy here is the media and internet has no problem with showing a whole concert of white Christian's getting massacred but they won't air Muslims being massacred in a European country. Shows you who the communications company's favor in there fight. All I can say is wait for them to come whatever race or occupation.

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Cept the pawn was kind enough to provide a first-hand recording of the ordeal.

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I was browsing twatter last night and found it interesting that most people tweeting right after the shooting were more concerned that people not view and share the videos than they were of the shooting itself.

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It's the usual call to "wait for instructions" before the other side formulates an opinion. It's typical tactics to shutdown any narrative that's not (((their))) own.

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They're sanctimonious pricks. People think morality is the same as being socially acceptable. The shooter acted morally but not in a socially acceptable way, which for the NPCs causes severe cognitive dissonance that makes them cry for censorship.

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I have the first 16:55 do you have the second half?

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No one fucking does...it didn't occur to me immediately but the fact that this stream cut out when sirens blared, and the guy was taken alive...they talk a lot about a second attack and second attacker...

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No. i need it all

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Even bitchute is being a cuck now. Fuck.

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Torrents should stay up.

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