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From his manifesto: https://i.imgur.com/iPvHAYS.png

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Does anyone have a source on this video? I found a transcript and addendum from what seems to be a live presentation; original was a Word .doc from Calvary ABQ, uploaded to pastebin here: https://pastebin.com/mMjVpgTK The speaker is a Muslim convert talking about how to present Christianity to Muslims in a way they can relate to their current beliefs and see common ground on.

Here it is on YouTube from about 9 years ago, too. Give it a like before it gets taken down.

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Meanwhile on the site that shall not be named, that has become nothing but an echo chamber for the brain dead and the useful idiots - the only reason for this was "white men are evil" or some variation of same. No jumping through ridiculous mental hoops to try to figure out why Muslims "had it coming to them" like they do when western white people are killed by terrorists.

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This shit needs to CEASE NOW. and the responsible parties (officials supposedly on "our" side) put to DEATH for treason.