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Get used to it.

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I hope so

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The dream.

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“Not all whites are to blame.”

“Blaming white people as a whole is extremley racist.”

“I hope we can use this tradgedy to come together and form a dialouge.” (Get more people talking about it 😎)

“Admitted Communist shoots up a Mosque, we need to crack down on Antifa types.” (He admits to being a Communist as a child in his manifesto.)

“Violence is a desease, Understanding what causes violence is the cure. We need to read what this guy said to understand his motivations.” (His Manifesto is probably one of the best out there and is full of Red Pills, getting others to read it should be a priority. I just finished it. /awesomesauce. Linked below.)


Please add more common shitlib responses and your ideas on how and why we should use them to direct people to red pills. This guy is a folk hero on the interweb at the moment.

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link is dead.

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He isn't a 'communist'. The best way to describe him would be an Ethno-Nationalist Bolshevik (NazBol). Much like the current Chinese Government though lacks the ethnic in-group tribalism part, in favor of wealth allowing foreigners in. Many anarchist types are drawn to NazBol and their way of thinking. He calls himself a fascist and many of his ideas do indeed overlap with fascism.

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I don’t think he is. I am just pointing out he made a big enough word salad “manifesto” so that every form of bias media can claim he’s their enemy and nothing like them. From SJW, to Commies, to anti-pewdie pie types, to nationalists to what ever. He claimed to be everything and nothing so everyone can deny or identify with him. Thus accelerating the fractures in society. I was just trying to help and get ahead of the SJW, Shitlib narrative and shove it back at them. I love trolling shit libs with their own narratives. Thoughts and Prayers type shit as you post pictures of yourself eating out at a Pork BBQ joint.

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1) that's true. Only radical whites are to blame, just as only radical Muslims are to blame when it is reversed.

2) it is. No one disagrees except other racists.

3) I don't think you realize how radicalization has trouble taking hold if you properly educate the populous.

4) He's fascist. That is both what he claims and is what is demonstrated by his other thoughts. Doesn't matter that he was communist and anarchist in anything other than to establish the fact that he has been disenfranchised his whole life.

5) see point 3. It would only red pill kids and adults who haven't been properly educated.

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1) that's true. Only radical whites are to blame, just as only radical Muslims are to blame when it is reversed.

Except they never do that. It's all whites and a few bad-apple shitskins.

3) I don't think you realize how radicalization has trouble taking hold if you properly educate the populous.

read: "You haven't been taking your pilpul pills and attending brainwashing class lately. I fear you may not be properly 'educated'."

5) see point 3. It would only red pill kids and adults who haven't been properly educated.

The word you're looking for is "brainwashed". "Proper education" coming from a leftist is an unending stream of Jewish pilpul and brainwashing.

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I love your autism but I am just here to help cheerlead the goats and get you out there with me fighting narratives on the net. Uovoat for the honest and consice reply.

This guys manifesto is genius in a way. He claims to be everything nearly and demonizes every one too. To purposely make all news outlets show their bias by showing which side they say he was from. Then making all sides feel righteous in their attacks on the otherside. So it helps the fracturing and accelerates all sides towards war.

I am loving hearing at the moment what identities Alex Jones is picking out. Alex is identifying Brenton as about 10 things so far. Alex sounds schizophrenic. This manifesto is like a virus. It’s spreading.

Brenton made a beautiful word salad, enough for all media to take a bite.

Alex just held up live a copy of the Manifesto said “I have it right here!” How many people did he inspire to go get there own copy! hahaha. Today is a great day. Trolls are winning and affecting the narrative! We are winning!

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Mosque shooting: ~20 people?

Manchester Arena bombing: more than 50 children?

If the FBI/CIA/NSA are reading this, as I have no doubt I'll be on a watch list by now, those are your children who have died.

Edit: Apparently the mosque counter is about 49 now... Manchester bombing was 23 dead and 139 wounded

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It isn't illegal to speak in the US, yet.

I condemn the murder of children and women but the Jews push Islam on western culture and this is what they get.

But honestly they love it, it will be another excuse to condemn white people

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It's only illegal if you speak ill of the Jew in particular. Speaking out against any minority is frowned upon and generally you'll be ostracized from society as a racist.

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and both false flags

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All these deaths (on both sides) would have never happened if we didn't have messed up immigration (replacement) policies. I lost an acquaintance in Nice, and yet I don't feel better after watching the NZ video. I'm just sad that the powerful people who pit us against each other from the shadows get away. I'm expecting a lot of dislikes to my comment, but it's just my 2 cents.

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Don't worry - the people who came up with the replacement policies are going to use this as a reason to increase replacement, just as they ignore all the Muslim terrorism as a reason to end it.

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It will never stop until enough people will turn on the jews.

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I'm very sorry to hear that you lost someone in Nice. And I think that what happened in NZ is also incredibly sad. Although I wish for the day that violence will stop, I don't know that there will ever be an end to these types of things, and I agree that much of it is perpetuated by TPTB.

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My thoughts exactly. I don't really see a political solution, though I wish there was one. I fear it may only get worse from now on. And, it's not your fault, man, but thanks regardless. She was a sweet girl.

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It will end when all varieties of niggers are ejected from European descent countries

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Truly Voat Gold!

I like how all the first three articles on the event label it as RACISM, as if you can be born with Islamic ideas in your head, and that its not a religion its a magical race now. A RACE!!! Tahts how they try to make it hate thought crime to think bad thoughts about muslim rapists.

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I remember watching a panel, and it was either Jordan Peterson, Paul Joseph Watson, or some political pundit. I can't recall who exactly, but, what I do recall is them asking the panel, repeatedly, about "how can you be racist if Islam is a religion?" And the panel absolutely refused to answer him. It's ironic because they were "erasing the identities" as it were of all of the black and white Muslims.

It was like this.


But I'm not speaking about Arabic people, I'm only referring to Islam. It doesn't matter to me whether they are black, white or whatever other ethnicity, I'm speaking purely against the religion and ideology.

SJW panel

But you're being racist. You're singling out a race and being bigoted towards them.


But what race are you talking about? Who am I being racist towards?

SJW panel

You're being racist towards the people of Islam


But who? What race? You won't say who it's racist against.

SJW panel

It's bigoted to Islam


But I don't understand, Islam isn't a race. It's religious ideology, is it not?

SJW panel

We don't need to discuss bigoted viewpoints, it's racist, end of story. (a.k.a. REEE!)

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Every time someone brings up the term racism, tell them that it was invented by the jewish communist mass murder Leon Trotsky, and ask them why you should give a shit what a monster like that said?

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Man, this shit is being scrubbed cleaner than Hillary Clinton's bathroom email server. Unbelievable.

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"Subscribe to pewdiepie," sounds like an awesome Kiwi battle cry.

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