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Someone who understand that this is a war and is not complicit with the enemy.

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A rarity.

[–] mrfetus 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

And thanks to him, they wake.

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A rarity that he is speaking it in public, and having his words repeated. Maybe not so rare otherwise.

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A surprisingly honest and patriotic politician, which is a rarity in these times.

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A war between Muslims and Jews, unfortunately Westerners are used to do the fighting on behalf of the Jews and to them its a win win solution

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A war between Whites and Muslims/Jews on one side. Muslims and Jews are best friends and Jews fund all terrorist Muslims to attack Europe.

Muslims and Jews also believe identical things: that they will be given white slaves in heaven, that white children should be raped etc.

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He's right; this is part and parcel to the new world order of cosmopolitan third world diversity.

The piranha jews will skelatize him like a wounded water buffalo.

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When you paraphrase what Sadiq Khan said as

We're here to murder you, your family and your whole race. And it's just another day.

It really gets a different kind of spin to it.

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Yeah I want to do what that guy did in NZ. but I also wanna do other things.. The highlights we're.the guy pathetically trying to take his gun and the woman trying to walk away at the end, fucking priceless moments that made me laugh without any pain for their suffering it shows they really do desearve all of it now.

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+1 for Piranha Jews

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Just part and parcel...

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Can you imagine when the next economic crash happens, I'm expecting it to make 08' look like the roaring 20s tbh. My point being that conflict surrounded by cultural/ethnic differences will undoubtedly go up.

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reading popular russian language boards about the event makes me happy because comment sections are one more proof that there is,at least one remaining christian world power where average normie isn't a leftist cuck.

also huge respect for RT for not removing 'controversial' comment about the story (which were are many)

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Wife is Chinese and from the Chinese boards they're calling it "kebab removal."

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Lol, racemixing idiot

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"My wife is Asian"

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How can I donate to this man's political cause?

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Such a great manifesto and unable to vote for him.

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At any mosque, 7.62 is preferred.

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If true this person will be removed from office or will be making an official retraction and apology momentarily. The jews will never let this statement against their proxy soldiers aka muslimes stand.

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The only person who can remove him is the Queen. Highly unlikely

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Happened to Gough Whitlam, wouldn't be surprised if such a thing occurred again.

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You're demoralized.

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That cunt's getting my vote come election time.

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I'd vote for him as well except I live in Cuck-toria.

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How can we get this guy elected in the US???

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Read his manifesto... guy seems legit. I get your point but that would be a bad hand to play right now... seems organic to me.

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Now you read the manifesto again and tell us why the only mentioning of jews is when he said that he isn't anti-Semitic?

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You think too much. Watch the watch. You are getting sleepy, sleepy...,

[–] mrfetus 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Why do I get the feeling

You've been demoralized by kikes to believe that nothing is real or trustworthy, that's part of the shills mission.

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