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Interesting related post from 2011: http://archive.is/1G20W

“Mossad spy ring 'unearthed because of Christchurch earthquake”

Want to guess where this also took place?

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I always carry five passports when backpacking in a foreign country. How 'bout you?

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That's what we call investigative journalism

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Dirty fucking cocksucers. Spying on allies. Fuckwads.

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Great find! Dirty fucking circles.

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Well, you got 2 approaches to the problem when 2 different peoples are not mixing well because the invaders refuse to assimilate - admit you were wrong for letting them in, or blame the existing people for... well for existing.

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Whats there to assimilate. Theyd have to give up their religion. Islam should never have been allowed in

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It is possible there is a clash between two beasts two biological enity, two animals or two groups. It is very possible that islam and Western civilisation will NEVER live together, after all islam has been at war with other civilisations and people for thousands of years, why would our modern times be any different? Facebook and instagram down yesterday. I also hear there could be more than one shooter. Today on voat? Maybe CIA, Mi6, al-jazzera, Press Tv Iran and Forgistani Secret FBI Niggers seem to be all over voat this morning. I can't get my interwebs to work only at dial up 1992 speeds, nothing works bitchute, liveleak nothing. I always criticized islam its a grabage religion full of terror, rape , jihadi, all there inside the shit book the Quran or Koran. Assume you are watched because you are. However this moron probably mostly killed innocent people. In the long term this usually turns out worse for everyone, less rights, less freedoms etc I'm sure the media will spin this story again and again, Ebba Åkerlund was a victim in a growing list of Muslim terror, you never hear of her name because they broadcast the footage and pics of the dead baby on a beach for 6 months, the two Nordic blondes beheaded in Morocco another one memory holed from the internet, you see now that the media only allows you to watch the terror and violence they want you to watch? French president... the one they have blackmail on, he was 15 yrs was it and she was 39 ? weird pedo faggot thing? also worked at a Rothschild back with rooms of Negroid Nigerian. This French leader hid the fact that during the Bataclan theater shooting (when muslims killed 130 French people), pregnant French women had their babies cut out from their stomachs and French men had their genitals cut off and stuffed into their mouths. .... A shooter in New Zeland, No doubt what this guy did was terrible criminal and wrong yet it could be all part of a larger global game, chaos and violence?

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He isn't stopping, another one a minute ago.

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He also went straight to the "right wing terrorist" angle. Funny how there are no Islamic terrorists - just mentally ill lone wolves.

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Yes. The solution is obvious. Shove the ethnic cleansing bullshit up their asses and everyone doing it won't be hunted down like the fucking dogs they are, because that's the only possible outcome of this bullshit. The professors and politicians have assholes where their mouths are because the money they take from the 1% Soros ilk made them that way.

Every NGO and nonprofit cunt should know they're the much, much better target for the pissed off and fed up. They're way easier to get to then the people that pay them.

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I think the reason this is being scrubbed from the internet is that it detailed just how easy it is to perpetuate this kind of violence.

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1,400 years (let me repeat that in the face of the modern BS of tolerance), 1,400 years of history has shown that ISLAM is INCOMPATIBLE with Western Civilization. They are Fire Ants. They have no interest in "CoExist", but only want to conquer and subject the Kafir..

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Fucking based.

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This is EXACTLY the sort of response we should be giving. NEVER BACK DOWN and NEVER APOLOGIZE. These people commit more crime, consume more welfare, and destroy the culture more than whites ever did.

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