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Did NZ just surpass the US in mass shootings?

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Depends if we're talking real vs fake.

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Excerpt from Brenton Tarrant's manifesto

Pedophile politicians, pedophile priests and pedophile pop stars, demonstrating to all the true depravity of our age. Art and beauty subverted beyond all recognition, bauhaus travesties replacing nouveau wonders,soulless metropolitan architecture of glass and steel reflecting no society, no culture, no people and therefore belonging everywhere, and no where. Suicidal, nihilistic and degenerate pop icons produced from a dead culture: Michael Jackson(pedophile, self hating, self mutilating, opiod addict);Madonna(degenerate,drug addict, childless, whore, anti-christian, pro miscegenation) Kurt Cobain(suicidal, drug addict, self hater, anti-social), Freddy Mercury(lifelong identity crisis, lifelong battle with hedonism and drug use, eventual death due to sexual hedonism)just to name a few.Empty nurseries, full casinos, empty churches and full mosques, entropy in blitzspeed.Politicians writ in the same ink as Eligabolus, worshiping all that is foreign, poisonous and subversive. So these young men and women see this suicidal nihilism and isolate themselves from this mainstream, “multicultural”, egalitarian, individualistic insanity and look for allies anywhere they can find them, in the flesh or online. They congregate, discuss, despair, strategize, debate and plan. They decry weakness, mock fecklessness and worship strength, and in this worship of strength they radicalize and find the solution.

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I would argue then kill the elite.

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Theres the qanon connections there are trying to paint anyone who believes these ideas as crazy murderers

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He isn't wrong.

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Even retards are right sometimes

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We pray that this does not inspire vile anti-nationalist attacks against the peaceful patriot community.

Nationalism is the politics of peace and cooperation between all peoples. This does not represent the true teachings of the majority of nationalists.

This was brought about by coordinated attacks against a disadvantaged global minority. In foreign policy, this is known as blowback. The acts of the so-called "muslims" against a peaceful civilian population encourage this law of the jungle vigilantism.

This young man, and men like him, are victims of the society which normalizes a female-dominated invasion begging culture which discriminates and persecutes native white men who only want to have honest work and fair wages to afford decent housing for them to raise a family with a loving wife. All these things were taken from them.

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The real victims are White people who will be blamed and associated with this lone wolf.

White Nationalism is an ideology of peace.

Events like this are 'part and parcel' of living in a multiracial city. Deal with it.

Now everyone go out and hug a White person tomorrow to show solidarity.

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It's already been removed

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it can be found on 8ch.net/pol - I downloaded it from there, but I'm kind of retarded - If you can tell me a good site to upload an MP4 file to, I'll link it.

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From his manifesto:

Were/are you an anti-semite?
No.A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people.

Well, it appears he didn't get the memo.

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I think this guy is going down in history fellas. This might be the final straw in the sandnigger cows back.

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Think globally. Act locally

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I don't buy it.

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The screenshot, or the shooting?

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Both seem like glownig productions.

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He wasn't following what was being shown, if he had been his target wouldn't have been muds.

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