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So #accelerationismGang?

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He wants a global race war pretty much. He wants Europeans to kick non Europeans out of their lands.

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i dont think he want's a race war, i just think he wants to kick muslims out of the west.

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That was not what he said.

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Yeah, he's trying to accelerate towards balkanization.

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Choosing a side sometime has to come first before you can figure out the underlying problem and then the solution.

Hadrian's wall was not built because the Romans felt confused.

The decision to stop Muslims from invading Paris in 732CE at the battle of Tours was not the result of the Franks being uncertain as to what the stakes were.

But here we are, confused and uncertain when all the facts lead us to the same conclusions: Islam has to go. And if we are brave, this can be done peacefully or with a minimum of inhumanity. May it be so.

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What's obnoxious is that it appears he's trying to balkanize someone else's country (the US). I don't care where a foreigner is from, foreigners trying to fuck with US politics is wrong no matter if their Kiwi, Israeli, Russian, Iranian, Chinese, or from anywhere else. Leave us the hell alone.

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What, between North Island and South Island? How much smaller can it get? The kikes will take it just the same.

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"for the affect it would have"

Bad grammar is a slippery slope to terrorism.

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Meh. Mass shootings are just tidbits that come and go in the the news. The Las Vegas shooting didn't do anything.

It's old news in a few hours.

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I don't think so. Consider if you will how desperate the Left is for a right wing shooter? They're like crack to the left, you can see them light up in the media when they get one.

This one is different and it's going to cause a shitstorm so hang on to your asses. First it's done in FPS mode like a video game. Enter all the anti-game shills on 10/10.

Pewdiepie? WTF? RIP that poor guy because this is going to suck for him no matter how it plays out.

Anti-Gun Nuts are going to go wild of course. CNN will be orgasmic with anti gun stuff. Gun Shows are going to make bank. Democrats and RINOs will make a run at the 2nd A. They're dying to try it.

Oh yeah, the sandnigger response is going to be spectacular. You can't even fuck with one of their books or do a damn cartoon without the entire lot of them going postal. So go shoot up one of their mosques in glorious FPS video so they can see their people slaughtered? How about the woman out front? Yeah, that's going to freak them out for sure.

This is the cork popping off the lamp and the genie smoking it's way up and out of it. Boom. It's here and it's not going back in.

That video is going to get buried fast. It really shows how easy a lone wolf can operate. Every lone wolf on the planet watches it and learns. It's how it works, they learn from each other's mistakes. They also are madly encouraged by successes.

This was one hell of a successful raid. It showed just how much time the guy had. He could have done that without the suicidal attitude and pulled it off and been gone. Cells and Lone Wolfs are eating popcorn looking this over, I'd bet you money.

There's one element I'm thinking they'll overlook in their zeal; if you try this in America, you'd be shot dead pronto. Freedom isn't free.

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Good well thought out response!

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The muzzies will arm themselves in America in response to lone wolfing.

The only thing that will work is the political will to stop all immigration going forward.

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This guy posted a white nationalist manifesto, and he got caught alive.

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That was his intent. Like Brevik, pretty sure.

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He's alive for now. If this is a false flag, he'll "commit suicide" before trial so he doesn't squeal.

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So what? Nationalists aren't going anywhere and neither are whites.

Is Soros going to order the killing of all white nationalists? We know he would if he could, but he can't. Don't get your hopes up for a kill a thon. It's only a thing when people start targeting the Soros NGOs and non profits and the politicians he owns. Then it's a participation thing.

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They couldn't find a motive for that one, retard.

Politically charged shootings stick.

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Couldn’t find a motive? You mean they didn’t reveal the motive.

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Really? How did Canada change anything with their mosque shooting?

Nil null and void. No one even talks about it.

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Vegas here. Co signed. That CIA faggot Paddock had GoPros too.

Oh and the SlantEye Marilou was there.

Your welcome

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which goes to show what a parlous state our world is in!

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happens on the ides of march

looks just like the synagogue shooter in format

actively says he wants all guns banned, knowing that guns will be banned after this

How about that.

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No it doesn't sound like he wants the guns banned, he simply wants to trigger the left to do what they want to do anyway. Instead of in small bites he wants the left to try to go all in and ban all the guns and seize them by force. Thus forcing people to defend the second amendment rights by force.

[–] Tallest_Skil 12 points 1 points (+13|-12) ago 

Thus forcing people to defend the second amendment rights by force.

  1. It's New Zealand.
  2. They won't defend anything. They'll give the guns up willingly.

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WHAT DO YOU KNOW? Voat's resident "do it goyim, start a race war" has just now decided to become an optics-cuck now that someone actually did what he was calling for the whole time? Very interesting.

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Follow him around saying "Reminder. Someone did something."

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What do you know! You can’t read before replying!

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Wait, if their bad guy wants guns banned, does that force them to support guns if they want to oppose him and his motives?

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They don't really care, they just want you disarmed. This guy had a good plan, it might work out but I think he forgot one thing, Americans only really pay attention to American news. Nobody gives a fuck about NZ.

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Essentially, he says he is not a racist and has no ill will to Muslims but knows that they are invaders and conquerors and wants them safe and sound back in their own lands of which they have plenty that used to be Christian.
Basically, it appears he felt forced into this action but would prefer to have let honest and brave politicians deal with the deportations.

And since there are no honest and brave politicians, as yet, in the Western World, other than Donald Trump, we got what we got.

We can all make sure we have brave and honest and patriotic political leaders by voting. The Vote is the first step in a democratic Republic by which you correct the errors and bad policy choices such as allowing Muslims to take up residence when you know their religion is a ticking time bomb.

VOTE. But prepare for the worst. We have cowards and traitors all acting supposedly on our behalf all across the West. So be prepared and be vigilant.

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And since there are no honest and brave politicians, as yet, in the Western World, other than Donald Trump, we got what we got.

Was that a joke? lol

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I mean, maybe it's better to say every other politician has been bought and paid for since the start of their political career and they're actively working to destroy our civilization? And Trump just likes Israel, who is also trying to destroy our civilization, but not so much Islam or the UN.

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No. I've seen what the system produces and Trump is exceptional and you should be grateful. We may not see another equal to this President in our lifetimes.

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He's as good as it gets right now considering the Western landscape

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Soap box ballot box ammo box

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That is right. Before you go shooting shit up, you should be working hard within the system to force political change. Only when that fails do you throw in the towel and take up arms. NZ and Australia seem to not be far off down the road to Islamization to have justified this deed but I do not live there.

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So them he should have shot politicians. Lefties are easily intimidated by fear. The muzzies will reciprocate.

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No. VOTE. Speak out and show people it can be done. When they call you names, get right back up on your soap box. Keep at it until you get your point across. In a democratic Republic, vigilantism is the last step before total chaos. You don't go there until the system has really and truly failed.

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Absolutely this

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He says this in the manifesto.

No, actual nazis do not exist.They haven’t been a political or social force anywhere in the world for more than 60 years.

Were/are you an anti-semite? No.A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people.

Were/are you a neo-nazi? That is a very broad category of people, and the definition is fuzzy at best. So no, I don’t believe so.

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I guess you can only pick a couple targets realistically.

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oy vey I'm glad he didn't be a hidden sniper working for years on end

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Just cut the fucking welfare, improve your patriotism & police and the islamists mostly leave, the true enemy is within and without welfare they run like rats. What this guy did was wrong, he mostly probably killed innocents and I hear there could be more than one shooter something news media is not telling you! The immigration of islamics? Right now they are in the baby making business phase in the West, at 2%-4% there is no real threat, random rapes, an attack here and there, a bombing once in a while. Cut the Welfare now and chain deport it will all be fine, like Poland, Norway, Hungary etc at 10% to 25% things start going shit in the direction of Lebanon, Nigeria, parts of India, the Philippines, eventually it goes full retard like Asscrackistan. I can't get any news this morning, I refuse to go to BBC or fag CNN I have not watched their shit in years. Everything I click on is 404 errors and dead links. Unfortunately there are people in the West, in Britbong, in Frogistan, in the Russia politic, in the USA who try use them as pawns in a global game and in the West they support the growth of the mohammedan, the islamist thinks it fights for al-Lah or some demon Moon god but probably is just a pawn of globalists. Too bad the mainstream media always spins, we are given fragments of info that they approve for broadcast and we never get to see all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.

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Tall order these days.

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Do you see the twitter link? Download the video it shows multiple shooters. Multiple shooters attack confirmed multiple shooters. Don't let them lie like they did about Las Vegas. https://twitter.com/williamcraddick/status/1106389907952406528?s=19 Please see this.

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