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That's the one per cent begging to drive the cost of labor as low as they can. God forbid Americans don't have to compete with a thousand other people for every job application.


Small independent business funds western countries. The big shits take out more than they give. Small business doesn't need to hire immigrants.

Meanwhile American men shove drugs into their body as fast as they can to delay the suicide while the 1% chatter aways about how they have to have immigrants.

He's continuing to back them into a corner and giving them nothing to lose. Dumb move.

Oh yeah, and let's not forget the lying bullshit of "unemployment statistics" Only people that were enrolled in government run job search programs a month ago count as unemployed. Everyone else that isn't employed simply doesn't exist.

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Again, there isn't going to be a political solution.

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If the elections could change anything they would be forbidden long time ago.

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“Record numbers of immigrants!”

Honestly this man has to be stopped before he follows through on that promise. It’s clear now that he’s completely enthralled by anti-white globohomo. As long as we keep checking the box just because somebody has an R next to their name life will continue to get worse for whites. The Republican party has to be destroyed.

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As long as we keep checking the box just because somebody has an R next to their name

We tried the D. The D wasn't as great as was promised. Incidentally, with the4 way democrats have behaved this presidential cycle, they should never be in power.

So given that we have a basic first past the post system which inevitably leads to a two party system, you don't have anything to suggest that would help which means you are doing nothing but concern trolling, just like any good forum slide jewfag would do.

Fuck off.

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Democrats win either way because Republicans, including Trump, are controlled op. The white majority is already lost because of faggot sheep like you that won’t take a stand. Your only hope is a political party that will take an explicitly pro-white stance and that can’t happen as long as gatekeeper republicans stand in the way. They have to be destroyed.

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you don't have anything to suggest that would help

we have the 2nd amendment. its time to start shooting and start hanging.

first, we start with the traitors.

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i dont know what any of the buzzwords you wrote at the end mean, but it soudns sjw-ey

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ALTERNATE THEORY: The 2020 Census Citizenship question is going to the Supreme Court. The only argument against it is that Trump has known anti-Immigrant bias. By Trump making headlines about this now, the Globalists can't say he is racist at the Supreme Court

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4D chess is debunked

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Possible, could be a variation of the jew strategy accusing others of your wrongdoing.

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In favor of what? Democrats?

Get the fuck outta here with that shit.

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You can't vote your way out of an authoritarian government. Neither side will save us.

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Israel demands more immigration. That's what Americans get.

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Both political parties are anti-White. They want us dead and gone. It's Yellow Vest time in the US-there's no way for us to survive by voting..

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The funniest thing about Trump is at the rallies where he rattles off how GREAT the unemployment numbers are for Blacks, Hispanics and Women.

But what about white men? You know, the ones that family formation depends on?

Oh them? Who cares about them? Fuck white men!

MAGA! But only for niggers, wops, and frontholes.

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Exactly. Hell, I don’t even care about calling out the blacks and spics, just mention whites ALSO. That’s all I ask for.

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Camo and ghillie suits for me.

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I've said it many times before, and I'll keep saying it - nobody surrounded by that much Jewish money is going to stop the replacement of white people in their own countries.

This is like voting for the general of an opposing army to lead you because he promises that your lands will be well governed. We need to stop playing this R vs. D game. It's a shell game, rigged by the schemers who want us out of the way. When all our descendants are beige-colored 90 IQ sheep with no identity beyond "cosmopolitan consumer and worker", who could oppose this growing empire? Who could overthrow the international Jewish financial empire which already rules the majority of the world? Hell, we're already at a point where most people in the West refuse to believe such an empire exists because (imagine my shock) the empire-controlled channels of information do not teach them to view such things realistically. This, despite the mountains of evidence. Do you think a politician who surrounds themselves with that many Jews and that much Jewish money was going to tell white folks the truth? Do you think he was going to save America? Do you think he could, even if he wanted to?

Votes will not fix this. The system itself is broken, not simply misled. Voting in America is just an act of pursing your lips and blowing into torn sails. You might send a message to the people watching you, but it will not change the ship's course.

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Soon the entire system will break down (end of cheap oil + explosion of unpayable debt). Then surveillance will become too expensive to maintain.

Then survival rates will become more important than birth rates.

Get armed, train, find white friends.

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Yes, let's get our $1,000/mo basic income and create a parallel society before ((( USDollar ))) collapse.

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Trump, 100% owned by the Jews.

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You should do some research!

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..what does that mean? If you would like to dispute the claim then just do so.

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That's why Trump and Clinton are both puppets of the Jews. Nobody won the election except for them.

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That's a weak ass reminder you fucking faggot

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Oh no! How will I move on from this!?

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"Pain is coming! Suicide weekend!"

But for who?

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