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God this black lives shit pisses me off. Black lives don't matter, lives matter. Race is a distraction.


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Exactly. Really, what is the goal of these protests? Nobody seems to know. Raise awareness, you say? Oh I'm sorry I didn't know you needed more awareness that there's currently a fucking problem in the United States with cops shooting unarmed black men considering that's all the news has talked about for over a YEAR now.

In any case, that narrative proves false when you look at the data and see people of all races are shot and killed by the police in proportion to racial demographics of violent crime rates in the areas where they occur. Michigan sees a higher percentage of white people being shot by police than Georgia, for example.

Making it a race issue just means you're framing the problem with race rather than training and abuse of power. What? Are you going to somehow magically get the police to stop being racist? Have they developed a cure for racism yet? No? THEN OBVIOUSLY THAT'S A WASTE OF EVERYONE'S TIME. The problem is that police are shooting ANYONE, not just black people. The issue is police apparently aren't being trained well enough to avoid these encounters or they aren't given the tools to resolve these situations without them ending in death. Furthermore, focusing only on black lives makes it seem like a "black problem" and not an "everyone problem" so you're already needlessly cutting support for your cause away.

It's just another issue people want to support so they can pat themselves no the back and say "I'm a good person" without actually having to think about the issue that much.


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Very well said, and quoted for truth.


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long term it wont be a distraction as they will not exist. The racist ones remain however everybody else will be mixed.


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That website was a serious of spurious connections and weird associations between seemingly unrelated things. For example. It starts off discussing racial intermarriage numbers between black men and black women, noting that black men inter-marry more than black women. It then says that this is only partially true and drops a statistic about Asian women. When did we start talking about Asian women? Does their rate of intermarriage somehow change the rates in black men and black women? I don't really get what they are trying to say...