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Had the 2 gunman inside his home been able to aim decently, the homeowner would have been shot as well, perhaps even killed. The exact circumstances what happened inside and how they got back into the the truck is not clear yet. From what the homeowner has said off-camera was that the likely scenario was there weren't watching him carefully and they gave him the opportunity to go and grab the money from a cabinet and had his riffle stashed in a none visible spot, grabbed the riffle and opened fire on them while the were riffling through other drawers. In the shock that they got hit, they ran towards the window they came in and then tried to shoot back as he lay waste to them. The first guy got outside the house and collapsed in the yard, he barely got out the window. The second guy made it into the car. The third guy on the lookout got hit as he tried to help the second guy or he was out the yard running. The homeowner then went outside and opened fire on the truck where the 4th and 5th guy inside the truck got hit. The third guy lookout guy drove the car but collapsed and crashed the truck a few streets down. The 2nd guy died in the rear passenger seat. The third guy died in the street who had tried slumping away. The 4th and 5th had successfully exited the truck and fled the scene but were forced to go to the hospital and the hospital called the cops because of gun shot wounds. They both were officially arrested after surgery.

Because this happened in Texas both #4 and #5 will be charged with Felonious murder for #1, #2, #3, and both will be charged with each others gun shot wounds which is aggravated assault under the Texas accomplice liability laws. They can face the death penalty for this. The attorney general will likely be a leftist piece of shit and not throw the book at them.

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both will be charged with each others gun shot wounds


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that's absolutely bonkers. I had no idea that could happen. it's fair, though; I just mean that it's crazy/surprising.

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wow TX laws are nuts. good and bad nuts both

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Fuck this is awesome. We need more of this and we need it enforced.

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Interesting... God Bless Texas!

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The element of surprise is the ultimate damage multiplier. Followed closely by numbers. No amount of 2nd amendment power was going to help there if they'd been even vaguely alert.

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This is why "counter ambush" skills must be drilled. Bad guys will always have the advantage of surprise, so it's up to the defender to stay calm and wait for their moment to strike back decisively. Drilling helps to reduce nerves- if you've drilled something a thousand times, the nervousness of the real thing lacks the edge that it would have if you were thrown into a situation totally unprepared. That's often the razor thin difference between life and death.

In this case, the defender was able to take advantage of his attacker's nervousness. The robbers were probably all scared and amped up, in a hurry to get in and out- this meant that they're paying less attention to minor details. Having 5 people here probably made it more difficult to them because the scene is far more chaotic with so many people moving around. This probably played a large part in the defender's success.

Sounds weird that the attacker's numbers worked against them, but I think that is the case. When they hear the first shots, imagine the chaos of that scene as 4 niggers try to flee at once, with some of them trying to return fire. People going in every direction, getting in each other's way, scrambling frantically as bullets fly- two calm attackers might have had an easier time than 5 frantic ones.

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If lower capacity magazines are a good idea then the police and military can adopt using them. By their thinking we'd have less police shootings and END ALL WAR.

Let the government try it out first and if it works then we can discuss it.

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Let the government try it out first and if it works then we can discuss it.

That is the historical precedent for things.

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...along w/ SMART guns.

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I'd prefer an AR-15 to an AK in this circumstance, the rounds are actually less likely to penetrate walls and say hello to your neighbors; but hey, that's my opinion.

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Whatever works for you and your situation. For all we know his closest neighbor is a mile away in which case overpenetration isn't an issue.

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AR-15 is my preference, but nothing quite beats an AK for fun factor. There's something just really fun about shooting them. All of them that I've shot had great triggers as well. Nice and crisp, with little trigger pull.

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Ar-15 has a failure rate which states,, you Will have a jam every 150? Rounds? For myself i achive jams like every 50 rounds in some cases.

No ar15 is not the choice unless its garunteed in fine condition. Subsonic 300blk is a better way to go and the enthusist could practice with nato and or use the nato for long range penetration for cheap.

AK weapons just have a character of bruteness. Namely the MOA is suffering and the sights are not based on real balistics.

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Which AR do you have and what ammo do you use that gives a jam every 50 rounds?

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those aren't sights -- when you dial up the number it makes the bullet go faster, remember?

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You are the dumbest person I have yet seen on Voat. ARs haven’t had reliability issues since Vietnam, and your understanding of balistics is poor at best. Why subsonic .300 BLK? So they can have the performance of .45 ACP in a more expensive form factor? That round has one purpose, and it is to run suppressed. Did you mean supersonic? Why? Do you know how bullet weight affects overpenetration? What about recoil and follow up shots?

People who finished high school in the early 90s are worse than boomer fudds sometimes. I bet you put edgy 1911 meme bumper stickers on your car.

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You are so full of shit. I have an entry-level AR and only shoot the cheapest, dirtiest, shittiest Russian steel ammo and only clean the rifle a couple of times a year. I've had two stoppages in thousands of rounds and both were ammo related.

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Gun grabbers don't care about logic, they'll spin this that those poor robbers would have just left with the money and the police could have safely rounded them up for rehabilitation. Those poor home invaders were going to become doctors!

The reason they don't care about logic is simple, they already know, their intent is to be the home invader down the road.

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Oy vey fellow white people, if guns were banned no one would've been shot at all! Hand in your guns so the next time poor robbers just like these upstanding college students need money for textbooks, they'll break in wielding only flowers and rainbows.

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Five suspects, some of whom were outside the house, ended up being shot, with at least three deaths reported.

Well, you can't win them all.

The final two of the five were also shot and later taken to the hospital for treatment.

Fuck. Why do they get free treatment? Why would any doctor want to help someone who tried to invade someone's home and kill them?

With this in mind, things like sweaty palms, a racing heartbeat, or even shaky hands, can make accurate aiming a little more difficult, which means there would be a need for more than just five or six bullets. Even skilled marksmen can miss their target sometimes.

As an aside, why do gun people seem to be against laser sights? They seem to make sense to have as an aid in a situation like this.

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I think the argument is that a laser sight isn't a replacement for proper aim and relying on one can make you a bad shooter.

I'm with you, though, I imagine I'd be a shaky mess in that kind of situation and will take any and all advantages.

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Naturally, don't use a laser sight at the range (except to verify that it's aligned properly). But in a half-asleep state, in a dark house with intruders, I want all the help I can get.

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Lasers shoot straight, bullets fly in an arc.

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you mean call of duty lied to me?

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That doesn’t matter at 7 feet away

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sights and dots are also straight

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If he is shaky with iron sights, he is shaky with a red dot.

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Why would any doctor want to help someone

Hippocratic oath. If a bleeding person is dropped on a doctor's doorstep, they aren't supposed to ask why, or how worthy. They are simply supposed to heal. That's the entire reason doctors are so valuable, and why they receive preferential treatment in warfare - because they will treat every human, regardless.

That's how it's supposed to be, anyway

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Was about to say only way this possible is if it is a border state. Mostly likely place we are going to start seeing cartel style invasions.

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MS-13 attacks in many states, not just border states.

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>Gunfire ensued, with both sides firing. Five suspects, some of whom were outside the house, ended up being shot, with at least three deaths reported.


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Taste the enrichment, viva la meccchihole.

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