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Literally everything a nigger eeks and ooks out of its oversized mouth boils down to gibsmedat.

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The police at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis campus have already stopped taking and reporting the race of criminal suspects years ago. The reason is that black identity groups were pressuring them, since the majority of thefts and rapes reported were by black suspects.

I was sure, at the time, that all these feminist liberal arts professors and administrators would come out against this, since you obviously prosecute rapists more easily if you have more identifying information about them. Nope. The mostly white women that were getting raped near campus are lower on the totem pole than black rapists, even to feminists.

I'm so glad I moved out of Minnesota. It is the California of the Midwest. The rural conservatives of MN should just come in and burn the degenerate Twin Cities down, but they're too damn nice to even fight the takeover of their state.

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Nick Rekieta, A Minnesota lawyer and owner of Rekieta Law (youtube channel) - "I'm against borders and don't care about the color of peoples skin".

Even this White guy with a family, who should be a White Nationalist. It's inexplicable.

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Can't image why every black country is a violent, crime infested shithole.

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“They stopped me for no apparent reason, and then when I go to the precinct to complain, I get charged with trespassing by the same cop I am complaining about,”

I dindu nuffin!

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Note to self:

Always drive in blackface.

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Niggers and LEO can both GTFO as far as we are concerned! They're both just commie niggers with a different name.

It's going to be fun watching them kill and eat each other.

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Niggas love two things. Stealing and jumping.

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Taking political advice from blacks...

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