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You know how I know this is just more bullshit theater? This "celebrity" used to date Ted Danson and he did blackface while he was with her. She didn't care about then so why does she care about it now?


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I was coming to see if anyone had mentioned this, I remember her defending it with all she had at the time. To the point where at an awards show she told someone of in her speech re: their raising issue with him doing it.

So if shes MIA because her co-host did it once, fuck her and her hypocrisy but if shes really sick then hope she gets better.

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I dont care about any of these women or their show. Fake women discussing fake news.

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She used to date this guy. And this shit didn't bother her then.

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And that guy's name is...

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Someone needs to post that pic to Whoopi's twitter and ask her why she didn't lose her shit back then?

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She was already black-faced by Ted.

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So Whoopi's protesting by improving the show?

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Whoopi's boyfriend at the time wore blackface in an appearance with her and she laughed. What a hypocrite.

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Is it good bye to that hateful racist Goldberg?

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haha it's a kike vs a crypto-kike asexual coon. Who can virtue signal hardest?

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