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This links to an ancient voat submission which links to a dead youtube link... not sure what the point of this is.

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1.2 year old post of a machine voiced-over video that's since been removed and had no evidence anyway.

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Grandmaster Henry X is the connection between the two... and the Clintons, of course.

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Nothing will ever happen to these fucking thieves.

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Quick say I will leagalize dope, hahha got all the votes back. This will actually play heavy to any candidates advantage. Trump might wanna figure this out.

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Both of these women are corrupt and call out other people for corruption when in fact they are the ones projecting it all to say the least.

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Just another nigger who doesn't deserve to live among whites.

Fuck Harris and fuck Waters. I hope they both die in the coming Civil War purge.

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Consequences in 3..2..1..oh yeah never.. oops.

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Arrest her now...show us that law and order work or fucking shut the fuck up you phonies....