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2019-02-11 | Illegal immigrant families separated by U.S. sue government, demand $6 million each - Washington Times

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Goes to show that laws and regulations only work under the appropriate circumstances. Now that the system has learned to exploit the weakness, immigration regs and border security have to be overhauled. Internal and external forces are working to flood white countries with non-white populations. If these forces use your own laws against you, shed them. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

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((( Illegalos )))

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Attention all illegal undocumented future American democrat voters.... here’s your chance to sign up to get your fair share of the American Dream. Just come on down to the local federal building with all of your family (so we can identify how many $3,000,000 checks you will be eligible for) and sign up.

Meanwhile ICE leads them out the back door onto busses headed back to their shithole countries.....

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This is why we need a wall. We need to encourage them to drown themselves fording rivers and oceans! Just thinking of my finances.